Tisiphone and Christopher’s journey

Canton, GA (US)
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Tisiphone and Christopher’s journey

by tisiphone Jackson

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Canton, GA (US)

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My name is Tisiphone, and my infertility/sterilization was due to a doctor using scare tactics and manipulation on me and my fiance Chris because I did not want to take her advice. We both come from big family, and dreamed of creating a big family of our own. We had our daughter in 2015, when the doctor recommended I not pursue the dream of having more children. She felt I had two and that should have been enough for someone in my “position.” I disregarded her comment and she proceeded to inform Chris and I that, even at the age of only 24, that if I tried to have more children, my chances survival will be less than 25%. We made the choice to have my tubes removed, not tied and at the advice of this Doctor to guarantee I couldn’t bare any more kids, because of the fear that my kids would lose their mother, and Chris his wife, if I chose to try and have any more children. I didn’t want to, but I knew for my family, I had to make a hard decision. Since then, I’ve suffered through depression, often crying thinking about the fact that I can never have any more children. I went to see a specialist last year and found out that if I wanted to have children my body was in great condition to do so, and that the removal of my fallopian tubes was not necessary. I know it was a choice and most of the women here don’t have a choice, and I am so sorry to them. I know how I feel with mine being a decision, so I could never imagine what they are going through. However, I want to continue building my family. I want my daughter to be a big sister. I want the joys that come with being able to produce life at least one more time.