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Tree Of Life

by Cassandra Askew

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Memphis, TN (US)

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Campaign Story

Juan and I met in 2018, we’ve worked on our relationship and have created a beautiful life together. In 2020, he proposed to me and I began my nesting process. On my annual women’s exam I informed the doctor that I was getting married and Dr. Taylor asked if I wanted to check to see if I was healthy to carry a child. On HSG discovery, I was informed that I could not have children on my own and from there went multiple tests, and one rejected fertility loan. During this process, it brought back emotions of my past and traumatic memories. The past that I worked so hard to overcome because I was determined not to be a product of my environment
and I am not still but non the less the memories were back!
Memory flashes particular moments of my life because I was trying to figure out how this happened to me. I felt ashamed and had to have one of the hardest conversations with Juan. For almost a week, I was praying for courage to tell him how to tell him what was going on with me. I thought, “My God, I know that he loves me but will he love me past being barren?”
I had to make him aware of me being sexually assaulted at 5 years old and molested for ten years by a close relative and that ultimately, my past obstacles haunts me now. We planned a marriage, family and even traditions, old and new for our family tree of life!
Yet, the man I fell in love with said to me, “why are you worried baby? I am not. Let’s continue where we are. If Dr. Bailey can help us then let her help.” I said, “baby but where will we get that type of money? We are paying for a wedding, looking to buy a home, it’s just too much! And he said, “Cassandra, that is where your faith comes in.”
I never knew love until I met Juan, I mean quiet love, patient and God-fearing love. We accepted each other in its raw form, his past and mine. I know in my spirit how great of a father and man he will be to our children. I have hope!

closed fallopian tube?

The fallopian tubes are two thin tubes, one on each side of the uterus, which help lead the mature egg from the ovaries to the uterus. When an obstruction prevents the egg from traveling down the tube, a woman has a blocked fallopian tube, also known as tubal factor infertility. If a fallopian tube is blocked, the passage for sperm to get to the eggs, as well as the path back to the uterus for the fertilized egg, is blocked. Common reasons for blocked fallopian tubes include scar tissue, infection, and pelvic adhesions.

What is Hydrosalpinx, it refers to a fallopian tube that’s blocked with a watery fluid. To break down the term, “hydro” means water and “salpinx” means fallopian tube. This condition is typically caused by a previous pelvic or sexually transmitted infection, a condition like endometriosis, or previous surgery.

How can IVF help?

In vitro fertilization (IVF) is an infertility treatment where the egg is fertilized by the sperm in a laboratory, outside the body. The fertilized egg is then implanted into a woman’s uterus to achieve pregnancy. IVF can help bypass the role of the fallopian tube in the sperm meeting the egg.

Although this procedure is currently considered the best option for women who have experienced hydrosalpinx, it can cause complications if done before the blockage is removed.

Fluid from the affected tube may leak into the uterus and make implantation difficult or increase the risk of miscarriage. Doctors typically suggest having the affected tube removed or separating it from the uterus before trying IVF.

In conclusion, this is my story, my life’s journey which could be all to familiar to many women across the world. I could give reasons I think anyone should donate to my fundraiser and honestly, I never thought I would ever need one and yet here I am asking anyone who stumbles across this site to please help me extend our tree of life.

About us!
Juan is a new fireman for the City of Memphis and I am a small woman-led company owner of Life In Entertainment. We are 4 years into our relationship and is marrying July 23, 2022 of this year. We are in our 30s and look forward to growing our family. Until the moment I was told I was infertile, I knew that we were going to create a legacy and provide our child with the best life that neither of us had and that I will protect my child with my life without any assistance with creating life. Juan and I practiced safe sex and so I never thought about why I haven’t been pregnant or is pregnant. We wanted to do this the correct way as much as possible and that was not bringing a child in this world until marriage. Once he purposed, thats when this journey began!
I was the person that would never ask for anything even if my life depended on it and now I’m pleading with you or anyone that can help us, to please consider our fundraising request.

Thank you for taking your time to read our story and consideration if you decide to donate.

Cassandra Askew