We have so much to give

Bartlett, TN (US)
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Fertility Treatments

We have so much to give

by Alissa Rice

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Bartlett, TN (US)

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Hello my name is Alissa, after nearly 4 years of trying to conceive naturally, I found out that doing so will be virtually impossible. After an ultrasound, HSG, and bloodwork, my doctor confirmed my worst fears, that at age 36 my healthy follicles and AMH are roughly half of what they should be for someone my age. In addition, I had several fibroids, making it even more difficult to conceive. My husband and i have been ready for children for years and with my fertility and hormone numbers so low, we were advised to do the most aggressive treatment immediately. My doctor said that IVF is the best option for us and that she thinks I will respond well.
Growing up as an only child was difficult for me and I always envied friends and cousins that had several brothers and sisters. Having said this, my husband and I want at least 2 children and so, we will be freezing any healthy eggs not used in the first IVF Cycle so we can try again after we have our first child. The clock is ticking and of course the financial burden of paying all costs upfront has us scrambling for any level of assistance. If we were able to conceive naturally we would only have to worry about baby clothes, food, furniture etc that we could purchase as we go. I work in public service and my husband is in IT and so we don’t qualify for most programs because of our income, but we have student loans and additional debt that low income families most likely do not have. If we could wait a few years to do the IVF we could potentially save up, but because I am already 36, in a few years, I may no longer be a candidate for IVF. My husband and I have great creers, family support, and a beautiful home, but the biggest piece of our lives is missing, a child. We’ve spent countless nights crying and wondering why it hasn’t happened for us yet, only to find out it won’t without IVF. We are asking for any support you may offer, no donation is too small. Family is everything and we have so much love and knowledge to give to our future child, we want nothing more in this world. Thank you to everyone who took the time to read this ๐Ÿ™

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