Williams IVF Baby

McDonough , GA (US)
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Williams IVF Baby

by Kayla Williams

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McDonough , GA (US)

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Hey Yall! Its Jeremy and Kayla. You will have to bear with us as this is not something we have ever done. Neither one of us like asking anyone for help or telling everyone our business. Not many people know of my (Kayla’s) fertility journey. In 2015, I went to the doctor due to being unable to conceive after a year of trying. That was when I found out I had endometriosis. I had dealt with symptoms of endometriosis my whole life but always thought that was normal. I thought everyone was the same. I had one surgery in 2015 to remove the endometriosis. It wasn’t until after the surgery that I found out the doctor also had to remove my left fallopian tube due to the degree of endometriosis. In late 2021, I decided to go to the doctor to confirm there were no hidden issues that could affect my ability to conceive. I had a hysterosalpingogram and it was then that I was told the only tube I had left was blocked. I also had a large mass on my ovary along with many suspected endometriosis spots throughout my abdomen. At that time, it was determined that I would need surgery to find out what all this craziness was going on inside of me. Before the surgery, my doctor told me I needed to meet with a fertility specialist because if he wasn’t able to salvage my tube and had to remove it the only option to conceive would be through IVF. After speaking with the fertility specialist it was decided that I needed to go forward with yet another surgery. In February of 2022 I had my surgery and it was decided that if my tube was not able to be “saved” then it was best to remove it. During this time I also had blood work done at the request of the fertility specialist. After the surgery I was told that my tube was open and appeared to be healthy so it did not have to be removed. Which gave me some relief. My bloodwork came back normal everywhere except my AMH level. My AMH was a .97. Normal is between 1-4. My numbers were considered low just based on that but when you factor in my age it was especially low for my age. This low number can be due to endometriosis and having multiple surgeries for endometriosis. A few months later I reached out to the fertility specialist again so Jeremy could get all of his tests scheduled. His blood work all came back good. I got my AMH levels checked again as recommended by the doctor and that number was 1.86. It was definitely much better than the previous .97 but at the same time we couldn’t forget about the .97 level. After speak with the fertility specialist once we got all of mine and Jeremy’s results back, it was determined that we would likely need an aggressive form of IVF to conceive. That appointment was in June and here we are a couple of weeks later looking at a start date for our IVF cycle around the beginning of July.
This journey has definitely been overwhelming and we haven’t really even gotten started yet. The total cost for a full cycle with the transfer and everything is anywhere between $23,960 and $26,160. The exact cost will depend on exactly what medication we will need and the dosage. The medicine alone for a full cycle can be between $4800-10500. Of course insurance doesn’t cover any of this cost so we are forced to pay out of pocket for it. We are trying to avoid having to finance as much of it as we can. We definitely don’t like nor want to ask anyone for help. We just thought we would put together a fundraiser for anyone that felt called to donate. We appreciate all the prayers, happy thoughts, and good vibes during this time!