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Fertility Treatments


by Yumari Carrasquillo

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My name is Yumari I’m 32 years old and at the age of 31 I found out I could conceive the normal way I was heart broken 💔. When I was 16 I was pregnant but my foster mother told the doctor something that I didn’t hear so the doctor ended up telling me I had atopic pregnancy and they had to take it out fast, they gave me no option so I had to do it, the doctor finish they told me I had to come back to make sure that everything is fine but they kept telling me that my hormones was too high so the doctor injected me with something I got in to the depo for a year. Once I turned 17 I stop the depo I was living my life like nothing ever happened years pass by and I got older at the age of 24 I wanted to settle down and make a family I lasted 4 years trying to conceive and nothing my relationship wasn’t a good relationship the guy I was with hit me and was arguing with me for no reason till I turn 29 I got pregnant and I didn’t know, I ended up passing out because I didn’t feel good I ended up in the hospital to nurses and doctors telling me they need to take me to the ER fast and waking up finding out that I had a real atopic pregnancy they had to remove my right fallopian tube and the eggs, the doctor told me I have my left one and I could get pregnant fast in a way I was sad they took my right one but then I was happy that I could get pregnant fast but that turn out to be a lie bc when I turn 31 and I found the person I really love and he appreciated me for me. I was trying with him for a year straight and I was telling my self that I need to go to the ob/gyn and check my self out, I told the story I had in the past with my pregnancy, they told me that I had to do a surgery to see what is going on with me. I wen back to the ob/gyn and the doctor told me that my Farruko hair at destroy and if I end up pregnant I with end up having a atopic pregnancy and not get the chance to have a family I broke down crying and I didn’t know what to do so I ask him and the doctor told me that I could do fertility, I look it up and I call places the doctor gave me number to call and they all are expensive I really would like for my dreams to come true.