51, Aspiring Mommy -2 months left to try!!

Washington, Dc (US)
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Fertility Treatments

51, Aspiring Mommy -2 months left to try!!

by Tonia G.

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Washington, Dc (US)

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I have 2️⃣months left of amazing time to become pregnant!! Yes, it will happen

I hope you will share in the miracle.

💜❤️My name is Tonia. I am 51 years old. And,  what better time is there to become Mother??

I  am soooo blessed and sooo excited to share with you why I aspire and deserve to have the baby bump!!

I have always wanted to be a mother, to give birth and to raise an amazingly decent human being.  The years have passed and instead of giving up, my desire has grown stronger.

I have been traveling the brilliant and winding road to fertility. I have been trying to prepare my body to give birth specifically for the past three years resulting in several surgeries to include a myomectomy  and numerous medical procedures with large multi-syllable words…lol.  Why so many?? Well,  I have battled throughout my life with medical issues to include endometriosis, Adenomyosis, fibroids and polyps which have resulted in much pain and a battle tested but kick ass womb. To prepare for fertility over these past years, I’ve been poked and prodded with my legs up in the air more times than it’s lady like to say. But I submitted to  all that’s been asked of me medically.

I have been finally given the green light to receive fertility treatments. which will include embryo creation and transfer  The catch is that I will age out in two months. I would have to be pregnant by August and give birth near my April birthday or I age out of the fertility process for my provider and most US practices. Wow, wow. 🤩🤩How amazing is the universe to still give me time after all of these treatments. ❤️❤️

I’m excited..  sooo, I finished my last kick ass surgery which clears the path to greatness in my womb. Now I can move forward to a transfer.

I hope you are inspired to assist me.  But before I solicit your kindness I’ll share a little about myself.  First and foremost. I have had been blessed throughout my adult life to serve others as a peace officer. I am currently a detective who supports victims of sexual assaults. I have encountered so many wonderful people and I have worked to help any and everyone without judgement and with an open heart. I put my personal aspirations on hold for years as I committed myself to this important work. However there has been one area that I have tirelessly and without faltering hoped for. To be Mom.

I am very excited. However. I am also very clear that on my salary, the exorbitant cost of this process is let’s say .. a bit challenging. I need 30000 for the next stages of this process within the next two weeks.  Sooo, I’m hoping that someone might see fit to help this passionate woman obtain the best and most desired 52nd birthday present and help support the world in bringing in a new life that will be treasured and hopefully dedicate themselves to caring for people which humanity could really use much more of.
?❤️❤️ Thanks for reading.

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