Alyssa’s Miracle

Franklinton , NC (US)
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Alyssa’s Miracle

by Alyssa Mattson

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Franklinton , NC (US)

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My names is Alyssa I’m 25 and I was diagnosed with stage 1 endometriosis. I’m not really sure where to start my story! So I’ll start from the beginning. In 2018 I was involved in a bad car accident in which case I lost my 6month old child. When I got pregnant with my first child was I was 18, unmarried and no longer with the father, but that didn’t matter I got myself together and prepared my self for a baby. Things where great I was doing better, my son was born and I also met my soon to be husband at the time. When my car accident happened I was in a state of shock and went through horrific depression. No woman should ever lose a child. Fast forward I’ve been married for 4 year, me and my husband have tried for 5 years to convince a child. Throughout these years I’ve had all the tests done and nothing. I kept going back and doctors would say nothings wrong and that I’ll be pregnant soon. At this point in my journey I was so discouraged, but this was only the beginning. I ended up caving once again and decided to go to a specialist a seek out real help. This doctor did things a little differently, she listened and put together the best treatment plan. I was on the road to IUI, I did 3 round of that with medication and still nothing. I gave up again as me and my husband decided to buy a house and I need to focus on that. At this point in my journey my family was convincing me to go and get another consult. Which bring me to the present. At this consult my dr is analyzing all my history trying to figure out why I’m not getting pregnant. He decided that exploratory surgery is the way to go. He was very up front that this could solve nothing. He ended up finding endometriosis stage 1, he was able to remove it all, but this didn’t explain why I wasn’t able to become pregnant. I’m thankful they where able to remove it all but disappointed that it wasn’t the problem. So now I’m at a loss not sure what direction to go in and IVF no matter what way you do it is so expensive and my insurance doesn’t cover any of it. Ever since I lost my child I’ve been trying to find a way back to mother hood and it has been brutal. I can finally say I’m ready for a child, but my body isn’t. My poor husband is so ready to be a father and I can do nothing about it. I get so sad and so upset with myself for something I cannot change. I’ve never considered putting my story out there for others to read, I’ve never even considered the idea of help. At this point I’m at a loss and need more then help I need advice, community and understanding.