Amanda & Alex’s IVF Journey

Dayton , OH (US)
Created 8 months ago
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Amanda & Alex’s IVF Journey

by Amanda Leetch

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Dayton , OH (US)

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Whew…never thought I would be writing something like this but here we go….

My name is Amanda and 3.5 years ago if you had asked me if I would be single forever without any hope of a family my answer would have been 100% yes. Amazingly though, during quarantine in 2020 (of all times) I met my best friend and soul mate, Alex. Suddenly, all of my hopes…like getting married and having a family were suddenly back on the table and I saw a glimmer of that life I had always wanted. Alex felt the same and we began excitingly talking about our future together. Our love story consisted and still does consist of lots of laughing, our cute dogs and loving on our families.

About 8-9 months ago I found out that it was really time to get a move on with starting that family (biological clock ticking and all that). I was so excited! Suddenly, gender reveal parties, telling my family about my pregnancy, watching Alex be a dad, and loving on a child of my own was all I could think about. We tried but due to lack of time, we started going to the doctor to make sure everything was good with our bodies. After a series of tests on myself and Alex we confirmed what I had feared….our chances of conceiving could not be done naturally. Our only way forward would be IVF, adoption or surrogacy. With us both wanting a child of our own we started looking into IVF and seeing if it was at all a possibility. Modern medicine is truly amazing….and we found that IVF is possible for us! With one catch….the price. Understandably so, IVF is extremely expensive. Alex and I work hard in our careers and do the best we can….but we found out quickly we would need any assistance out there.

I never thought I would be writing this or even considering asking for any type of help…but when you want something so badly, like we do, you will put your pride aside and do what you need to do. Alex and I know that being a parent is a challenge but an extremely rewarding one. We know in our hearts that we were meant to be parents (and not just to our fur babies) and would be overjoyed at having that chance.

If you have read this far, please know that we appreciate you even just reading about the trials we have faced over the past year. It has been such an emotional journey but we still have hope that what is meant to be will find a way.

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Heidi Schneck commented with a $20 donation about 8 months ago
I used to be an IVF coordinator and andrology lab tech - if you have questions or want another perspective, feel free to reach out! I hope the best for you and I have a good feeling! Baby dust your way! 💓
Glenna Leetch commented with a $250 donation about 8 months ago
I support you completely and totally understand those feelings! Wishing you the best!❤️
Anonymous commented with a $100 donation about 8 months ago
Boy, girl, boy, girl, how about triplets?
Jessica Griffith commented with a $20 donation about 8 months ago
Thinking of you and know how hard not being able to conceive! Families are created different but you will love that baby so much 💕
Nicole Martin commented with a $50 donation about 8 months ago
Praying for big hearts to make this happen for your family to grow 🤍
Kimberly Mulcahy commented with a $100 donation about 8 months ago
I love you both and you will make AMAZING parents to a sweet little one, however that little blessing comes to you! Just know you have a support system near and far! Xoxo