Ashley’s IVF journey

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Ashley’s IVF journey

by Ashley HANSEN

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Hello My name is Ashley, I am 33 years old and My Story begins here.
In the past I have had an ectopic pregnancy that ended with me rupturing and losing my baby and my right fallopian tube was removed I had almost lost my life that day, I struggled with the loss of my baby and it took me a year to pick myself back up. After seeking fertility treatment years after in 2021 I had found that I had a benign Mass growing in my left fallopian tube blocking it completely. I did have surgery to remove the mass in hope of conceiving a natural pregnancy it had left my left fallopian tube scarred and closed. As I continued with my fertility Journey with hope, I had made it to egg retrieval day in my IVF journey. This was a nervous day but a joyous one. I had a very low count of eggs retrieved that day and only 3 had made it to the 5-day stage of the fertilization stage only three embryos had made it and then had been frozen. The day of my transfer my doctor came in with bad and good news. The bad new was, he had taken one of our embryos out for transfer and that it had fell apart leaving me with only two embryos mind you I had such a low embryo count that I did not do genetic testing. He said the good new was that the last two was doing excellent and growing so he had taken the remaining two embryos out. My last remaining two embryos and that we were going to go ahead with transferring the two remaining embryos instead of one. As those last days of waiting for a positive pregnancy test left me with high hopes and nervousness receiving my first positive pregnancy test was the most exciting day of my life. I was so excited so nervous and scared. I had made it this far I was overcome with joy happinessand. I had made it this far. We had made it all the way to 7 weeks and 1day into my pregnancy. When we made it to my ultrasound appointment to see our baby and to hear it’s heart. We had found out that our baby had stopped growing at 6 weeks and had a low heart rate of 40 beats per minute the average embryo heartbeat is 120. Our Doctor told us that they were not optimistic that this was going to be a successful pregnancy. Waiting for our baby’s heart to stop was the most hardest thing ever. Awaiting another appointment to see the heart had stopped beating I am overwhelmed with sadness. I am scared but hopeful not to give up on continuing my fertility Journey. With the help of some gracious donation I can pursue my dream of one day carrying my own child. We are very thankful for any donations as it will help build our future as a family together.

Bless you all sincerely Ashley,