Baby Harbin IVF Journey!

Pendleton, SC (US)
Created 8 months ago
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Baby Harbin IVF Journey!

by Alex Farrell

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Pendleton, SC (US)

Alex Farrell is organizing this fundraiser on behalf of Alexus & Jake Harbin.

Campaign Story

Alexus and Jake, to know them is to love them. And if you don’t know them, Jake came into Alexus’ life in May of 2019 and has been by her side since. I couldn’t have dreamed of a better husband for my sister. They got married in September of 2021 and they have two dogs that are both 4 years old! Both her and Jake have always been family oriented and have dreamed of creating their own family.

Unfortunately, Alexus and Jake have been struggling to conceive naturally over the past 2 years and recently went to a fertility specialist to run some tests to see why that was. They were told by the doctor that there is a slim to none chance of conceiving naturally and were suggested to do IVF. They were told they have a 71% chance of success on their first cycle. Although they received this news they have been leaning on each other and praying for guidance through this time. It is very physically and emotionally draining for both of them. It is also financially straining. The average cost of IVF is $15,000, plus the cost of the fertility medications.

While I know they both don’t want to ask anyone for financial help during this time, I decided to start this fundraiser for them. As selfless and giving as the both of them are, I kindly ask you to please consider donating or just simply sharing this to reach more people in order to make their dream of a Baby Harbin come true.

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Anonymous $50.00 October 14, 2023
Jean Jacobson $40.00 October 10, 2023
Laurie Gydesen $50.00 October 10, 2023
Anonymous $100.00 October 09, 2023
Maria Abbink $100.00 October 09, 2023
Anonymous commented with a $100 donation about 8 months ago
Praying for a little baby Harbin!!❤️ We love yall!!! Love, Leah and Justin
Maria Abbink commented with a $100 donation about 8 months ago
We love you guys and are so excited for you!!