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Baby Johnson

by Tiffany Johnson

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Knoxville, TN - Tennessee (US)

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Our names are Tiffany and Chancey we have been married for almost 3 years been together for almost 5 and have been trying to have a baby from the start. So I Tiffany have went to my OBGYN an told them so they tryed metformin to help with my hormones. And then put me on clomid to see if it would help me get pregnant but it didn’t. So after that they told me I had to see a fertility doctor. Which broke my heart all I have ever wanted (Thought I was put on this  earth for was to be a Mother like most women) so I said ok we saved the money. We made the appointment after my family member told me about one of the best ones here when I live and she worked for. We found out I had a polyp covering my ovaries so I had the surgery to remove it. So after that we thought maybe that’s what is causing all the issues with not getting pregnant. Then they did the same as my OBGYN and put me on the metformin and the clomid did one week of clomid ran the test and the eggs still wouldn’t drop so they did another week of the clomid and it finally dropped two eggs we was so happy my oven was really for making baby’s so we did the IUI. First one took I miss carried it. That about killed me I’m a strong woman I like to believe (but something about knowing you can’t do something that a woman supposed to do breaks you in ways that you can’t describe).so after I got up the courage and the strength and saved more money we decided to try again with IUI that one didn’t take. I would love nothing more then to carry my own child in side me bound with them in a way that only a mother can pound with their baby. But that hasn’t happened and we could spend hundreds and thousands of dollars to do so and if we had the money to do so I would. I would help anyone have that chance if I could. So I have what they call POI there is no proven treatment to restore normal function to a woman’s ovaries. But there are treatments for some of the symptoms of POI. There are also ways to lower your health risks and treat the conditions that POI can cause: Hormone replacement therapy but with my hormones being so out of sorts which does not mean I can’t get pregnant but I could have problems with the pregnancy because of the hormones. We talked it over if we wanted to do IVF or do more rounds of IUI or surrogacy we think that surrogacy is the best option but IVF is also a good option either way the money is high for either one of them we will use this money for which ever one is the best option at the time of receiving it.We want to start a family be able to do all those things that some parents take for granted and don’t even think about that for a second because they never had an issue with trying to have kids ( I like so many others envy you) we just believe the money would be better spent on some who can have kids and is willing to help others do the same.Thanks for the support and kindness may God watch over you and your families.

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Anonymous commented with a $1000 donation about 2 years ago
Good luck! I hope your dream of becoming a Mom comes true. You will make a great one!
Jessica Lawson commented with a $20 donation about 2 years ago
More will come over time!