Baby Prinz

Clinton twp, MI (US)
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Baby Prinz

by Jacklynn Gibson

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Clinton twp, MI (US)

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Hi , my name is Jacklynn, and the handsome man by my side is my fiance Timothy. Our love story is truly unique. Over the past few years while we fell in love, we’ve been faced with very hard challenges most of which we have overcame. Except this. I’ve always wanted to be a mom. As a woman I can imagine we all face that need at some point. Mine started at the age of 14 , when I discovered I was going to be an aunt. Becoming an aunt was and is a the highlight in my life, it made me see and feel the love I could provide. I met Timothy and our love story was not planned out we just loved each other and life and went along with whatever happened. I didn’t know I was pregnant until it was too late. I was rushed to the hospital and told I had an ectopic pregnancy that caused my tube to rupture. I lost a fallopian tube at 28. Not knowing I was pregnant prevented the pain of losing a baby but it opened the door to realizing that maybe God is telling us something. It’s possible , just not time ? The next 2 years we spent building ourselves and our love . We decided to try actively. Just after New years 2024 a test came back positive. I cried I was so happy , but so scared because a previous ectopic could mean another. Three days later the doctors confirmed , it was ectopic. It was devastating, especially because of how rare it is to happen in both tubes. After getting all the necessary tests done , it was confirmed IVF is our best option. We work hard but IVF is an expense , insurance doesn’t cover. Together we could love and provide for a child and I would love nothing more than to become the mommy I know I meant to be and to turn our love into another heartbeat. It breaks my heart that it’s because of me we cannot do this the natural way, but I believe in God’s plan so here I am. I will not give up until I know what’s meant to be is clear. Please help my little family. ❤️

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