Baby Slavens’s IVF Journey

West Lafayette, IN (US)
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Fertility Treatments

Baby Slavens’s IVF Journey

by Ronnie Slavens

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West Lafayette, IN (US)

Ronnie Slavens is organizing this fundraiser on behalf of Robbie Slavens.

Campaign Story

It’s been a long and interesting road…

We met in high school in 2009 and began dating soon after. After graduation, we moved to Terre Haute where we both attended Indiana State University.

We received our degrees, and got married in 2017. We had our house, we settled in, our careers were steadily in motion, and we decided in 2021 that we wanted to begin our family.

In June of 2021, we got our first positive pregnancy test with a March due date. We were excited, overwhelmed, but most of all, felt a kind of love and comfort we’d never felt before. Everything seemed to fall into place and we couldn’t stand holding our excitement for our little surprise, but we wanted to wait to break the news to our families until we were past the 12-week mark.

At 10 weeks we went in for a viability scan. That was when we were crushed with the news that we had lost our baby. It shook us to our cores and brought the worst pain either of us had experienced.

After some testing and time, we were informed that there was no obvious reason for what happened. The doctor classified it as a “missed miscarriage” as I still had all the symptoms of pregnancy. We were devastated and took a few months to recover and decided to try again.

Six months passed and we were still not pregnant, so we met with my OBGYN to find out what was wrong.

We did testing and there was no medical reason for our infertility. Our doctor recommended Clomid to assist with the pregnancy which I did three rounds of, but still no pregnancy. After over a year of trying, we were recommend to take the next step with Dr. Henry Fertility in Indianapolis.

Dr. Henry confirmed our fears when we were simply diagnosed with Unexplained Infertility. With this diagnosis, we only have a 3% success rate of natural pregnancy.

But we didn’t give up hope. Dr. Henry provided us with additional treatments and kept us optimistic that there was still potential for us to have a family.

With the direction of Dr. Henry, we did our first IUI cycle in August 2022. Though I responded well to the medications, it was unsuccessful and we did a second round in October 2022, which was also unsuccessful. After weighing our options, we decided to pursue IVF.

With the repeated ups and downs, we felt it was best to take a break from treatment and try to have a normal Christmas and New Year. We would try again in February 2023.

We were surprised on December 18th when I took a precautionary pregnancy test and it was positive. We were again ecstatic and were looking at an August due date. My bloodwork was initially a bit concerning, but almost instantly rose to perfect levels.

Things just felt right and we decided to tell our families as they had been with us throughout our struggle. On Christmas Day, we broke the news to everyone that we were pregnant.

But, again, the day after Christmas, we lost this pregnancy. Thankfully, we had family and support to help us through our heartbreak.

After recovering physically, we began the process of IVF. This is where we are currently.

While initially deciding to do a fresh transfer, I experienced Ovarian Hyper-Stimulation syndrome as a result of the medications.  Because of this, we did a frozen transfer that, while more successful, unfortunately, is more costly and postponed our transfer.

In May of this year, we received the news that the transfer resulted in a positive pregnancy and we will meet our rainbow baby in January 2024!

Though we were blessed with this good news, we learned along the way that the financial burden of IVF is a difficult one. Additionally, most insurance does not cover infertility treatments. We found this out the hard way after 2022 left us with over $10,000.00 in medical spending out-of-pocket just for the two IUI cycles. Our current IVF cycle has cost us almost $20,000.00, which we are covering with a personal loan. The addition of a frozen transfer increases that by about $5,000.00.

And that’s why we’re here.

We are here reaching out to you, asking for help in growing our family so that we can bring our child into a stable household.

We’re doing this through a fundraiser.

This fundraiser is a bit different than any we’ve seen in the past. It’s called a puzzle fundraiser and how it works is we have a 1,000 piece puzzle, and each donation will be designated with a corresponding piece until we reach our goal of $25,000.

Once you make a donation, your name will be written on the back of that piece. And once the puzzle is built, we will reveal the finished image, frame it, and it will be hung in our nursery to forever commemorate the love and support of you all who have helped us to build our family.

It’s not easy for us to ask for this help, and we want to thank you all for supporting us and being willing to help us with this journey. It has truly been exhausting and devastating in every sense of the word, but the faith, love and support we have gotten from family, friends, and community has helped us to survive.

Thank you all so much.

Name Donation Date
Shilpa Dharmalingam $11.00 January 31, 2024
J & Z Montoya $100.00 December 15, 2023
Anonymous $500.00 October 20, 2023
Ashlee Zussman $50.00 August 18, 2023
Anonymous $300.00 August 14, 2023
Jacob, Alicia, Averie Shufflebarger $400.00 July 20, 2023
Colleen Anderson $50.00 July 18, 2023
Jacob, Alicia, & Averie Shufflebarger $400.00 July 17, 2023
Delaney smith $25.00 July 15, 2023
Hailey Jahn $50.00 July 15, 2023
Britney Mccord $25.00 July 15, 2023
TJ & Jessica Firkins $50.00 July 15, 2023
Ann Lane $100.00 July 15, 2023
Casey Shelton $200.00 July 14, 2023
Anonymous $20.00 July 14, 2023
Mark & Susie Mayhew $50.00 July 14, 2023
Kory & Debby Shufflebarger $300.00 July 14, 2023
Anonymous $50.00 July 14, 2023
Cory Groover $50.00 July 14, 2023
Kaylie Williamson $15.00 July 13, 2023
Anonymous $50.00 July 13, 2023
Anonymous $300.00 July 13, 2023
Clayton Penny $20.00 July 13, 2023
Kirsten Weast $40.00 July 13, 2023
Caleb and Jen Carriere $30.00 July 13, 2023
Anonymous $100.00 July 12, 2023
Sharon Matuszewski $25.00 July 12, 2023
Matthew Baughman $50.00 July 11, 2023
Ronnie Roberts $20.00 July 11, 2023
Adriana nemec $25.00 July 11, 2023
Mallory Ortiz $25.00 July 11, 2023
Jerry Johnson $20.00 July 11, 2023
Anonymous $30.00 July 10, 2023
Dawson Cadle $50.00 July 10, 2023
Mirahida Kindig $100.00 July 10, 2023
Sandra Lyons $25.00 July 10, 2023
Anonymous $100.00 July 10, 2023
Brandi Mann $100.00 July 10, 2023
Donna Slomczynski $50.00 July 10, 2023
Claudia Kilgore $20.00 July 10, 2023
Allyson Culross $50.00 July 10, 2023
Karen Van Duyn $50.00 July 10, 2023
Kaylee Watts $50.00 July 10, 2023
Robyn Montemayer $100.00 July 10, 2023
Mike Parrish $50.00 July 10, 2023
Deana James $25.00 July 10, 2023
Alexis Fitzsimons $20.00 July 10, 2023
J & Z Montoya commented with a $100 donation about 6 months ago
So excited for you guys to hold your bundle of joy soon! Merry Christmas. Wishing you all the best.
Ashlee Zussman commented with a $50 donation about 10 months ago
I am so excited for you guys to become parents! You will do a great job with your little rainbow💙
Britney Mccord commented with a $25 donation about 11 months ago
I will pray for you both... God bless and may your dreams come true. I'm Deana James daughter and I also will be sharing this... Best of luck.
TJ & Jessica Firkins commented with a $50 donation about 11 months ago
We wish you guys all the best. God is with you always!
Ann Lane commented with a $100 donation about 11 months ago
Love Nana & Papa
Casey Shelton commented with a $200 donation about 11 months ago
We love you guys.
Cory Groover commented with a $50 donation about 11 months ago
Thinking of you and saying prayers.
Kaylie Williamson commented with a $15 donation about 12 months ago
Mr. Slavens, As my former educator, you left a very large impact on my life and remain one of my favorite teachers to this day. I still remember the Anne Frank tweets & children’s book story where we made our own artwork in Honors English. I wish I could donate more, but I know that you and your family appreciate every dollar thats given. I wish you and Shawna the best, God bless you both🤍 -Kaylie Williamson, class of 2021
Caleb and Jen Carriere commented with a $30 donation about 12 months ago
Adriana nemec commented with a $25 donation about 12 months ago
Sending you all of love, strength, and prayers! - Adriana Nemec
Mallory Ortiz commented with a $25 donation about 12 months ago
We just had our first baby through IVF after 6 years of unexplained infertility! It’s a long emotional road but so worth it in the end. Sending big prayers yalls way!
Anonymous commented with a $30 donation about 12 months ago
Do not believe the things you tell yourself in the dark moments. Listen to the light that's keeping you going. Sending you love & sticky baby sprinkles ✨️
Dawson Cadle commented with a $50 donation about 12 months ago
I know it’s not much but I hope it helps
Mirahida Kindig commented with a $100 donation about 12 months ago
Wish you the best of luck on your journey. Sending you many hugs after reading your heartbreaking story. You're both so strong and your future baby will be so lucky to have you as parents!
Sandra Lyons commented with a $25 donation about 12 months ago
Prayers that all your dreams come true!!
Anonymous commented with a $100 donation about 12 months ago
Losing a pregnancy is so tough, I know the pain. I'm sorry you've gone through it several times. Praying for you guys during this time and sending you lots of baby sprinkles. You will become great parents one day! ❤️
Mike Parrish commented with a $50 donation about 12 months ago
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