Battlefield To Birth: Support a Veterans IVF DREAM

San diego , Ca (US)
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Battlefield To Birth: Support a Veterans IVF DREAM

by Tanya Armani

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San diego , Ca (US)

Tanya Armani is organizing this fundraiser.

Campaign Story

This fundraising campaign is for Tanya and Armani, (myself and My Husband) I am 34, and my clock is ticking! We tried for years, to no avail. It seems our only route is IVF/IUI and fertility treatments. Hubby is unable to work right this minute he is fighting a life threatening infection. Hubby’s Surgeries for C DIFF, and a year spent in bed took away our main financial support from our dream of getting pregnant. Please help us today, we can get on our feet tomorrow and will pay off the money even if you choose not to donate it. Hubby usually does Estate sales and is a Driver for various companies. Laid off during covid from a very high paying job. I am a nurses Aide/ Staff. Go to school full time.

We are very greatful to anyone who understands that we are going thru these tough times today but have a bright future ahead of us….

I will start off by writing the rest in a narrative style. Our love defied the odds in the digital age. Our story began in the most modern of ways – a chance encounter on a dating app, where swipes and messages led to a connection deeper than any wifi signal.

Tanya, with her bright eyes and compassionate spirit, worked as a tech-savvy nurse, navigating the complexities of modern healthcare with ease. Her days were spent in the fast-paced world of telemedicine, where screens replaced stethoscopes and virtual consultations bridged the gap between patients and providers.

Armani, a brave veteran who had served his country with honor, returned home from overseas with scars both physical and emotional. Despite the challenges he faced, his spirit remained unbroken, his heart open to the possibility of love in the digital age.

Their paths converged in the bustling metropolis, where coffee shops doubled as coworking spaces and shared rides brought strangers together in the blink of an eye. Amidst the chaos of city life, their connection flourished, their conversations flowing effortlessly from emojis to heartfelt confessions.

As they embarked on their journey together, their love deepened with each passing day, their dreams intertwining like the strands of fiber optic cables weaving through the city streets. But amidst their plans for the future, a harsh reality cast a shadow over their happiness – Armani’s injuries and health issues from his time in the military left them unable to conceive naturally.

In a world where technology promised solutions to almost every problem, they turned to the wonders of modern medicine in their quest to start a family. But the cost of IVF and fertility treatments loomed large, a barrier between them and the baby they so desperately desired.

Yet, in the face of adversity, their love remained unyielding, a beacon of hope in a world filled with uncertainty. With courage and resilience, they reached out for support, knowing that with a little help from their digital community, they could overcome the obstacles standing in the way of their dreams of parenthood.

Their story, a testament to the power of love and the resilience of the human spirit in the digital age, serves as an inspiration to all who hear it. And so, they humbly ask for your help, knowing that together, we can harness the power of technology and compassion to turn their dreams into reality.