Breland’s Baby Hustle: From Two to Crew

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Fertility Treatments

Breland’s Baby Hustle: From Two to Crew

by Courtnie Breland

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Campaign Story

đŸ”¥ Introducing the Breland’s Baby Hustle! đŸ”¥

In the vibrant heart of Jacksonville, Florida, a remarkable couple’s journey is unfolding. Meet Courtnie and Lamarr, a dynamic duo whose love story began in the hallowed halls of high school over 20 years ago. Courtnie, a resilient cancer survivor, and Lamarr, a dedicated firefighter, have weathered life’s storms together, emerging stronger with each challenge they face.

Their tale is one of unwavering love, unbreakable bonds, and an unquenchable desire to start their family. Having conquered the trials that life has thrown their way, they are now ready to embark on a new chapter: parenthood. However, the path they envision is not without its obstacles.

As a result of the battles Courtnie bravely fought and the passage of time, Lamarr and Courtnie are now trying for a child. Doctors have illuminated the path forward, indicating that fertility treatments are the necessary steps to bring the pitter-patter of little feet into their lives.

Amidst the backdrop of their bustling lives in Jacksonville, Courtnie and Lamarr are reaching out to their community, friends, and supporters for a little extra help on this unique journey. Their unity and resilience have made them fighters in every sense of the word, and now they’re calling upon that same spirit to rally for the Breland’s Baby Hustle. With their eyes set on a future filled with baby giggles and bedtime stories, they’re determined to give it their all.

Join them in this inspiring venture, where every contribution, no matter the size, becomes a part of Courtnie and Lamarr’s story—a story that speaks of hope, courage, and the unbreakable bonds that hold us all together. Let’s stand alongside the Breland’s as they hustle towards the cherished goal of bringing a new life into their loving home. đŸŒŸ đŸŒˆđŸ‘¶

Name Donation Date
Derrick Raines $100.00 April 21, 2024
Ericca Harvey $15.00 April 06, 2024
Sidney Wells $1,000.00 December 25, 2023
Barbara Anderson $500.00 December 21, 2023
Latrice Davis $100.00 December 11, 2023
Corey Zimmerman $100.00 December 01, 2023
David Wooten $100.00 September 28, 2023
Chris Nwanegwo $20.00 September 27, 2023
Jason and Amanda Mikell $1,000.00 September 25, 2023
CynthiaL Amrine $100.00 September 25, 2023
Derrick Raines commented with a $100 donation about 3 months ago
We Love you all.
Sidney Wells commented with a $1000 donation about 7 months ago
We are adding our faith with yours as you continue your path to parenthood. We thank God for you both and love you dearly! Love, The Wells
Jason and Amanda Mikell commented with a $1000 donation about 10 months ago
We are praying for your family and are excited about what the future holds!
CynthiaL Amrine commented with a $100 donation about 10 months ago
So excited for you two!