Faith , Hope, Charity, kindness

Putnam valley, Ny (US)
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Faith , Hope, Charity, kindness

by Colleen Porteus

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Putnam valley, Ny (US)

Colleen Porteus is organizing this fundraiser on behalf of Jacqueline Porteus.

Campaign Story

I am reaching out in hopes that some people will donate to help my daughter Jacqueline she’s wanted to be a mom as long as I can remember, she had some very difficult journeys in life. She finally met the love of her life, a fireman in New York City. Before she got married, she exhausted her savings and retirement savings on treatments. We have helped her as much as we were able. She is now on her 11th cycle. At This point I think we need a surrogate I feel she’s not strong enough to go through with anymore. I’m worried about all this medicine going in her , the crazy part of this whole story is that her husband Mike and her share the same rare gene, (HFI).-This disease is very rare and could cause death by age 2 .So her egg retrieval is usually cut by 90% because of this rarity and after genetic testing. She also has lining issues, she has had 3 Miscarriages and is brokenhearted and a broken woman. She will be a such terrific mom, if she only has the chance. I saw this site online and I thought God willing. Maybe some people will donate to help her. In my lifetime I’ve always tried to help anyone I could. And Jacqueline is such a good person she never leaves the house in the winter without something she can pass on to a homeless person, gloves, socks , scarfs sneakers. Because of this She has been spit on , punched , but she still carries on. I’m so worried about her mentally and physically. she just turned 40 so time is running out. It’s heartbreaking on holidays to be sitting with her brother who has three children and her cousins have a total of 10 at a dinner table and she of course With none, it’s heartbreaking for me to watch this. I know she loves her nieces and nephews. I can only imagine how she feels looking at everyone around the table and knowing that she doesnt have anyone sitting next to her. I would hope some people would like to contribute anything no matter small. We would be forever grateful. Right now she is having her 11th retrieval but she only has 3 eggs so the odds of having a normal embryo it likely.But-if it was to happen, I believe a surrogate is our only hope. It comes with an astronomical price tag about $150,000. I would take a loan on our for 75,000 and try and raise the other 75,000. I appreciate anything anyone can help. I’m a big believer of paying it forward. So I’m hoping some of you will help. I actually feel awkward doing this, but I know I would care if I read this.