Help Christina and Ben get invitro for Baby Wagner

Hemphill, TX (US)
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Help Christina and Ben get invitro for Baby Wagner

by Nicole Giles

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Hemphill, TX (US)

Nicole Giles is organizing this fundraiser on behalf of Myrtle Wagner.

Campaign Story

I’ve been friends with Christina for 20 years. She has been my best friend since our freshmen year of high school. Ever since we were in junior high, she wanted a baby. Many things have changed over the years, but Christina’s longing for a child has never wavered. Some people know that they want to be doctors; Christina knew she wanted to be a mother. Shortly after graduating high school, Christina got pregnant but miscarried the child. It was the most challenging time of her life. In our early twenties, Christina met the love of her life Benjamin. They began trying to conceive, and everyone told them it might take time. Months turned into years. Over the past ten years, Christina has watched the people around her, myself included, become parents. I have so many memories of her dreaming about being a mother. She was graceful and supportive to her loved ones when they had children. I know that deep down, it hurt to see people easily achieve a feat that had evaded her. She went to doctor after doctor hoping that the next one would tell her why she hadn’t gotten pregnant yet. I’ve held her hand and been a shoulder to cry on when a doctor had given her an inadequate reason as to why she had not gotten pregnant or recently when she learned the time-sensitive nature of her getting pregnant. After years of trying to find out the reason, she has found out that IVF is her only option. She and Benjamin both work hard, but there is no feasible way that she will be able to afford IVF out of pocket because the insurance she has with her job will not cover any costs. Christina would be an amazing mother to any child. She has a natural way of being firm without being overbearing. She is protective but not so that she would not allow a child to learn lessons independently. Benjamin would be an equally amazing father to a child. He is dependable and values the people in his life. He helps people whenever he has the chance. He works hard and long hours to provide for his family. I can attest to these traits because they have shown me how they treat my daughter. They are wonderful people who would make excellent parents if they could have the chance. I don’t know anyone who deserves a child more than Christina and Benjamin.

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Robyn Butts $50.00 February 25, 2022
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Angela McLaughlin $20.00 February 22, 2022