Help Justin and Mattyson Complete their Family

Heppner, OR (US)
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Help Justin and Mattyson Complete their Family

by Mattyson Botefuhr

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Heppner, OR (US)

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Campaign Story

Not long after their third wedding anniversary, the two were rushed down the brightly decorated hall of the birthing ward.

Soft coos and happy noises floated through the air, It was easy to picture the parents in each room huddled together, smiling and snuggling their newborn.

Mattyson and Justin knew they would be in that exact hallway eventually, just not now, not for months.

But there they were, at that moment, at that now. The most heartbreaking now their beings could ever imagine.

Arriving at the last room in what seemed to be the darkest corner of that hallway, Mattyson was immediately prepped for emergency surgery.

Their baby wouldn’t survive.

After she was wheeled away, Justin sat there alone, grieving for the loss of their child, and praying for the safety of his wife.

Feeling the isolation and helplessness, he reached for her phone and began to scroll through pictures and videos of them.

Happy, fun, and familiar photos passed by until he tripped over a video he hadn’t seen.

It was of her. She was talking to the camera with such joy and animation, journaling ideas of ways to surprise him.

Sharing the news of their child with him had to be special, no! …Spectacular!

He never knew such pain.

He had no idea how much time had escaped when the surgeon entered the room.  She quietly sat on the edge of the bed closest to Justin’s chair, “Mattyson is doing fine, the surgery went fine.  However, we couldn’t save the fallopian tube. It’s destroyed.”

Understanding that was her only functioning tube, he knew what that meant; they could never naturally conceive again.

The pain he already had been experiencing just magnified to an unexplainable level.

“This news will wreck her”.

Which wrecked him.

He knew she was laying somewhere in a recovery room in the belly of that building having to hear the devastating news without his arms around her.

When Mattyson was returned from recovery, they clung to each other. The hushed words of encouragement they exchanged couldn’t cut through the agony, “I can’t accept this is it”, and deep sobs filled the room.

The following day, Mattyson was wheelchaired to Justin, waiting in the van at the front of the hospital.

They left that now, their arms empty, knowing a piece of them would always be missing.

Their heart and minds not knowing how, if ever, they will get over the time they spent in the last room of the darkest part of that hallway.


Thank you for reading Justin and Mattyson’s story.

It seems strange how such a small window of time can cause one of the happiest moments of a couple’s life to become one of the most painful.

Knowing only God can get them through the hurt and confusion, we as their family and close friends can also be supportive at this time.

Justin and Mattyson have decided they are not willing to let this tragedy be the end of their journey and have begun In Vitro Fertilization.

IVF is a complex series of procedures used to help with fertility and assist with the conception of a child. IVF is not only physically and emotionally draining, but also financially. The family is looking at close to 25k in medical procedures and medications. This does not include the extensive travel costs for fuel and lodging.

Along with prayers and our presence, which is most definitely an important part of their journey, we would like to help this family financially.

Any donations are greatly appreciated.

Thank you all for your support.

*Written by Leah Langlois*