Help make the Huinac Family bigger

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Help make the Huinac Family bigger

by Edna Huinac

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Fairfield, CA (US)

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HI EVERYONE!!! My name is Edna and my husbands name is Johny. I’m 34 and he is 36 years old. Here is our story: I met him during the pandemic through a mutual friend. But for you to understand why we opened this fundraising, I have to tell you about me. (will keep it short and simple).
Taking you back to 2002: I was 15 years old got diagnosed with PCOS. The treatment was birth control, at 16 years old got pregnant and miscarried at 8 weeks. My boyfriend had moved in with me and we wanted a family. Took fertility treatment for 4 years. Nothing, I was very sad and disappointed. At 21 I had decided to stop trying enjoy my life and lose weight. Got pregnant but miscarried at 6 weeks. Doctors had told me that it was very normal and I was still young. Everything ended there for me, relationship, pregnancy, and even my life. The years passed and I was just focused on working. Making it for my mother and I. But always cherishing a family of my own. 2020 came with the pandemic , bad news, and with a new person in my life.
Our story (short and simple): I met my husband during pandemic through a mutual friend on June 2020. A month after meeting him we started dating. On January 21st, 2021 I found out we were pregnant. He was very happy and we were both so excited. Like I told him, it was a surprised to me that I had become pregnant with out any help from treatments. Miscarried at 6 weeks 4 days, I felt sad and depressed. He was by my side all the time. My doctor had done a sonohysterography 6 months after the miscarriage. Doctor said everything was good, not issues there. A moth later I found out we were expecting again, I felt nervous, anxious, worried, everything except good feelings. Again miscarried at 5 weeks and 4 days. We were devastated. I just wanted to get away from everything and everyone. Everything was good, my labs and health everything was great. I was taking Progesterone pills and prenatal vitamins. On December 5th I found out we were expecting again. Now for this pregnancy doctor had told me we were going to check for BHCG levels each week. They were rising normally, every time we checked it was getting higher and higher. First one 963, 4weeks 5 days, three days after it was 2,634, 6 weeks pregnant, four days after the second lab work it was 4,921 5 weeks 5days, very hopeful and excited. But started spotting at weeks 6 went to hospital, baby was there and just no heart beat. They told me it was normal and that it must be that baby might be smaller that what my cycle said it was. Ok I was calm and lucky me I was starting my 2 weeks vacation. So I was relaxing in my house. Two days after my BHCG was 5,058 it had not increased a lot. I was scared, on December 21st, had an ultrasound done and labs, ultrasound= no baby no yolk nothing, labs= 6,927. I had a lot of mixed feelings. Seven days later another test labs= 11,814. my hopes went up and we were so sure baby was going to arrive August 13, 2022. On January 2nd, 2022 baby arrived way to early 8 weeks 3 days. I have miscarried. Even with all that, he decided to stay with me. We got married on February, 22, 2022.
We talked to doctors and I asked why does this keep on happening to me. WE WANTED ANSWERS!!!! Everything was good, Labs, sonograms, I even asked if I had antiphospholipid syndrome. They said no so everything good. I had talked to one of my aunts in Mexico, she took my case to a doctor. so the doctor told us it might be that my body identifies my pregnancy as a virus and it attacks the fetus until I miscarry. Or it just lets its be by not protecting it. Whatever it is, WE both want to be parents. We want to start this fundraiser even though we don’t know exactly how much it will cost to get checked and start a procedure. We would really appreciate if you could help us with whatever amount you can so we can have a family of our own. There is no such thing at too little amount, EVERY PENNY COUNTS. THANK YOU SO MUCH.