Help the Haynes: IVF Fundraiser

Forest city, Nc (US)
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Fertility Treatments

Help the Haynes: IVF Fundraiser

by Sadie Haynes

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Forest city, Nc (US)

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Campaign Story

Hello from Sadie and Hunter!

Welcome to our journey! They say it takes a village to build a family, and we would like to thank you in advance for being a part of ours; whether it be by prayer or support!

About us: We have been married for 8 years. We have two beautiful children, Mali (11) and Maverick (6). Hunter is 29, and I am 28. Hunter is a Sheriffs Deputy, and I am a high school teacher.

Our story: After Maverick was born, we were sure we didn’t want any more kids. We had the perfect boy/girl combo. However, as the kids grew older, I knew that my heart was not ready to be finished raising babies. In June of 2019, we decided that we wanted one more baby to complete our family. We began trying for a third child. As months went by, and pregnancy test kept coming back negative, we had the faith that “it’ll happen when it’s supposed to happen.” After many visits with my OBGYN, I was told “you’re healthy, you’ve conceived twice before, give it a little more time.” By December of 2021 my doctor agreed it was time to start looking at infertility treatment. I began taking oral medication to help induce ovulation (Clomid). We were told within 3 months, I should get a positive test. On month 4 of medication I finally got the two pink lines we had been waiting for. Unfortunately our joy was quickly replaced by grief after suffering through a miscarriage in may of 2022. To lose something, that we had waited so patiently for, was heartbreaking. We continued with treatment immediately after. By July, I was starting to have serious side effects from all of the hormones I had been prescribed. I was also not successfully ovulating, even with medication. My OBGYN decided it was time to refer me to a specialist, as he felt he had done all he could. In July of 2022 I was sent to PREG, a local endocrinologist and fertility specialist. I immediately was put through multiple test, including numerous ultrasounds, an HSG scan and saline flush to ensure my tubes were open, blood work, and genetic counseling. My husband was also tested. All of our testing came back normal. I was started on more hormones (Femara) and thyroid medication. The specialist told us that 70% of patients conceived in the first 3 months of their treatment plan and she felt sure I would be pregnant by November 2022. I was prescribed more hormones, but had no luck getting the desired outcome of mature follicles (meaning that ovulation could be induced by injections). I was taking as many was 26 hormone tablets a week. In January of 2023, I finally had mature follicles and was able to start injections(Ovidrel) to induce ovulation. Unfortunately these were not successful. We completed 22 months of fertility treatments. During this time, we also completed 4 rounds of IUI (artificial insemination). Our treatment cost during this time was between $400-$1,000 a month. By month 22, I was beginning to have very serious side effects from all of the hormones (Immune issues, infected parotid gland, weight gain, hair loss, swelling). My body was physically exhausted. But the mental exhaustion from failed treatments, upon failed treatments, was even worse. After my 22nd cycle, my fertility specialist told me she did not feel confident in our treatment plan anymore, and wanted to check me for endometriosis. In August of 2023, I endured exploratory surgery. I was given 4 incisions, where they laparoscopically checked for endometriosis and scar tissue. We were hopeful that we would finally get an answer to the diagnosis of Unexplained Infertility. It was hard not to pray that they would find SOMETHING wrong with me that they could fix. Unfortunately, there were no traces of endometriosis or scar tissue that could be removed. We were once again given the frustrating diagnosis of Unexplained Secondary Infertility. Not only have we invested ourselves mentally and physically; but we have invested ourselves financially as well. Secondary Infertility affects an average of 11% of couples in the USA. After the age of 30, a healthy woman has a 20% chance of becoming pregnant naturally each month. In my case, this percentage will be drastically decreased, if not diminished.

We have now exhausted all options, aside from IVF. Unfortunately, IVF is considered elective, and insurance does not cover the procedure. It is our hope that we can raise $12k, to cover the cost of the procedure.

Parenthood is truly a gift, and we have so much love we are ready to share with a third child. 🤍