Help us adopt a baby!

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Help us adopt a baby!

by Ashley Guthrie

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Campaign Story

Hi! We are Bud and Ashley Guthrie. We have been married for 10 years. I have known from a young age that I could face some difficulties getting pregnant due to having PCOS (polycystic ovary syndrome). This is a hormonal disorder that can affect different things for different women. For me the biggest hurdle is infertility.

We started doing several rounds of Clomid in 2013. This is used to stimulate ovulation. After 8 rounds we were told that IVF (in vitro fertilization) would be the next step in our fertility journey. We did our first embryo transfer in 2017.  After a polyp removal and egg retrieval in 2016.

We were elated to find out that we were pregnant with a baby boy! At our first ultrasound, we were told that there was no living tissue in my uterus however my HCG (human growth hormones) levels were coming back as if there was a viable pregnancy so they did a DNC to make sure there was no living tissue that could cause an issue. My HCG levels were still coming back as if I were still pregnant. After yet another more in-depth ultrasound it was determined that he had implanted in my left fallopian tube and had to go in for a second DNC.

To say the least, this was a very traumatic experience for both of us as individuals and as a couple. We decided that we needed a break. A break from thinking about having a baby and a break from even talking about having a baby.

In 2019 after a ton of prayer and hours and hours of talking about it, we decided to go for a 2nd round. Thankfully there were no complications throughout but it was unsuccessful.

2020. Covid. I had a pretty severe case and was in the hospital for 2 weeks and was not able to work for 42 days. After speaking with our Dr. we decided to wait about 6 months after I was off of oxygen to try again.

In 2021 we were ready for lucky number 3. However, it was not lucky. It was another unsuccessful round. We were beyond disappointed and devastated. It felt like our dreams of becoming parents were just that. Dreams. Then we had another unexpected health emergency.  Bud had to have open heart surgery. This put another delay in doing another round but, it was important for him to back to optimal health.
In 2022 we did a “test” round of IVF to make sure the shots that I had to take were enough, too much, or too little in regards to the amount I was getting. Two months later we adjusted the amounts needed and did another round.  This time was different. I just felt different. That’s because I was pregnant! It was truly the best 4 weeks of our lives. We knew it was a girl and we named her Brooklyn. We talked to her and prayed over her every single day. Then I started to bleed. We called the Dr. immediately. They got us in the following morning. We lost the baby.

All of that being said and knowing everything we know now we would still do it all again regardless of the result. As individuals, a couple, and in Christ made every bit of it worth it.

Now. Now we feel that God is taking us in a different direction. We have prayed that if God doesn’t want us to have children please take the desire out of our hearts. The desire has only grown. After a lot of prayer, God has shifted our hearts towards adoption. We are so excited to start our journey with an adoption agency that we have fallen in love with!

Financially this is a bit of a mountain.  We feel that God is taking us in this direction for a reason. Any financial help would be such a blessing to us to achieve our goal of being parents.

Bud and Ash

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Anonymous commented with a $500 donation about 1 month ago
This is wonderful - love you guys!
Matthew Herran commented with a $50 donation about 1 month ago
You guys will do great!
Jessica Brosher commented with a $50 donation about 1 month ago
Praying for you guys!
Megan Taylor commented with a $100 donation about 1 month ago
Praying for your family!
Brian Peters commented with a $500 donation about 1 month ago
Excited for you both!! We know this has been a long journey. Can’t wait to meet little Guthrie! :)
Brian and Kait Nelson commented with a $300 donation about 1 month ago
We wish you the best of luck and hope that your prayers are answered! 💕
Rachel Kelly commented with a $50 donation about 1 month ago
I’m so excited for you both!! ❤️