Help Us Have Our Dream Baby Through Surrogacy

St Petersburg , FL (US)
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Help Us Have Our Dream Baby Through Surrogacy

by Kirsten Potts

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St Petersburg , FL (US)

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Campaign Story

Hi! Thank you so much for taking a moment to read our story. My name is Kirsten and my partners name is Jake!

Jake and I come from different parts of the country. I’m originally from Lexington, North Carolina, while Jake is from Portland, Oregon. Our paths crossed in Hawaii. It was there that we fell in love and the rest is history! We’ve lived in Oregon, California, and NC for a short time and now we have planted roots in St. Pete, FL. We actually just bought a house here last year! We truly feel like we are at HOME and so ready to start our next chapter.

After spending time in Hawaii, we made the decision to move to Florida, particularly St. Pete. The beauty of living by the Gulf and being close to the ocean reminded us of the paradise we experienced in Hawaii. Our dream is to raise our future family by the beach. We can’t help but envision our little beach babies growing up here.

Professionally, I work in Human Resources, while Jake is in property management.

Jake and I have dreamed of becoming parents ever since we met. As we approach our thirties this year, the desire to start a family has grown stronger within us every single day. For me, being a mother is not just a dream but a calling that I believe I was meant for in this life. It’s a role I am ready to embrace wholeheartedly!

However, our path to parenthood has been accompanied by its share of challenges. At the age of 18, I was told that I have a syndrome known as MRKH, which means that I was born without a uterus but I do have fully functioning ovaries. This news was incredibly devastating, and even after all these years, it’s something I carry with me and grieve for every day.

Jake, too, has faced a very scary battle when he was diagnosed with stage 3 colon cancer at the age of 25. The courage he displayed during his fight was nothing short of inspiring. I’m elated to share that he is now cancer-free, soon approaching the remarkable five-year mark. In the midst of his treatment, he was told that having children might be a distant possibility due to the effects of chemotherapy. After some testing with our fertility clinic, we found out that everything is very normal and his numbers were actually higher than most people that have not been through chemo!

As we approach this new chapter in our lives, we are filled with excitement and anticipation! Our hearts are ready to expand, and we are eager to embrace this journey through the good, bad and the ugly. We have chosen to freeze embryos here in the US at our clinic in St. Pete, FL. While our path is unique, we are determined to overcome any obstacles in our way.

Part of our journey will involve shipping embryos from the US to Mexico for the transfer, as we explore the possibilities that Mexico’s surrogacy process holds for us. We have found a wonderful agency there through some mutual friends that have also had an amazing experience with them so we are hopeful.

Thank you for taking the time to read our story. We could not be more excited for our miracle baby!