Help Leah Become a Mother Through IVF

Harvey, LA (US)
Created 3 months ago
Fertility Treatments

Help Leah Become a Mother Through IVF

by Leah Ledtje

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Harvey, LA (US)

Leah Ledtje is organizing this fundraiser.

Campaign Story

My name is Leah, and I am on my journey to pregnancy through fertility treatments. As a thirty-nine-year-old single woman I thought my time for having kids of my own had passed, but recently I decided to pursue a family through fertility treatment. I have already tried less invasive and cost effective treatments. I have undergone 3 IUI cycles without success. Due to my age I have decided that IVF would be the best next step. This has been an emotional and trying journey, but I’ve accepted the fact that if ever there is a time to ask for help, that time is now.

I’m seeking assistance with the financial burden of IVF. My insurance doesn’t cover any fertility treatment costs and I have been paying out of pocket for my treatment up to this point. I would be so grateful if you could help by contributing. Even the smallest amount would mean the world in helping me achieve my future family.

  • 03-01-2023

    IVF Puzzle Fundraiser

    For those of you that want to donate, I wanted to have a way to remember your support. I have decided to do a puzzle fundraiser to help with the costs of IVF and here's how it works:

    ~I have purchased a 1000 piece puzzle. Each piece will represent someone who donated to help me on this journey.
    ~Each puzzle piece will be $15
    ~You can choose to buy 1,2,3,5, or 10. There is no limit.
    ~Your name will be written on the back of each piece(s) you represent!
    ~ If you buy more than one or several pieces, I can also include a short message if you would like.

    While making the donation, add the dollar amount that equals the number of pieces ($15/piece) you want and you can add your message in the comment section if you would like.

    Once the puzzle has been completed, I will frame and hang it in the future nursery as a reminder of the love and support that helped me build a family.

    Donations can be sent through:
    The Gift of Parenthood website
    Venmo: @Leah-Ledtje
    PayPal: @LeahLedtje

    Thank you to everyone who has donated so far. I will add your name to the corresponding number of pieces. I appreciate all of you helping me to build a family piece by piece.


Name Donation Date
Amanda Kendal-Brown $20.00 March 20, 2023
Anonymous $30.00 March 19, 2023
Jodi Erickson $50.00 March 19, 2023
Rob Ratchford $50.00 March 19, 2023
Anonymous $75.00 March 17, 2023
Anita Kaimal $50.00 March 13, 2023
Eriq Vazquez $50.00 March 10, 2023
Zach Osborne $50.00 March 09, 2023
Elise Delahoussaye $50.00 March 09, 2023
Anonymous $30.00 March 08, 2023
Kaye Sheda $30.00 March 07, 2023
John Millmeyer $15.00 March 07, 2023
Kathy Ford $100.00 March 07, 2023
Jami Griffin $50.00 March 06, 2023
Marcia Horn $25.00 March 03, 2023
Nicolette Nefzger $15.00 March 03, 2023
Becky Slembarski $50.00 March 02, 2023
Melissa Larson $50.00 March 01, 2023
Lauren Landry $50.00 February 28, 2023
Todd Rosendahl $50.00 February 27, 2023
Tyler Reed $50.00 February 27, 2023
Hannah deBlois $30.00 February 27, 2023
Josh Youngblut $20.00 February 27, 2023
Matthew Meredith $25.00 February 27, 2023
Maggie Mangold $30.00 February 27, 2023
Brittany Sherrets $50.00 February 27, 2023
Michelle Colton $50.00 February 27, 2023
Rob Ratchford commented with a $50 donation about 7 days ago
Best of luck!
Anonymous commented with a $75 donation about 1 week ago
I wish you the best of luck and may all of your puzzle pieces be filled with names!
John Millmeyer commented with a $15 donation about 3 weeks ago
Go Hawks!
Kathy Ford commented with a $100 donation about 3 weeks ago
Thinking of you, Leah and sending (((hugs)))
Jami Griffin commented with a $50 donation about 3 weeks ago
Wishing you the best on your journey to parenthood! Love, Ashley, Jennifer and Jami
Becky Slembarski commented with a $50 donation about 3 weeks ago
We're rooting for you, Leah!! Rick & Becky (those ole cap sound peeps!)
Todd Rosendahl commented with a $50 donation about 4 weeks ago
Thinking of you, Leah. Let us know how we can be supportive as you move through this process. Thanks for reaching out for help in making this dream happen.
Tyler Reed commented with a $50 donation about 4 weeks ago
Hope it works, you'll be a wonderful parent, hope all is well with you.
Josh Youngblut commented with a $20 donation about 4 weeks ago
Good luck! I hope it works out for you. My wife and I went through the some issues as well. We ended up adopting our nieces kids and while it's tough it's the most rewarding part of life. I hope this works for you.
Maggie Mangold commented with a $30 donation about 4 weeks ago
I'm so thankful for IVF for giving me two of my three kiddos. I know it's a hard road, but I wish you the best.
Michelle Colton commented with a $50 donation about 4 weeks ago
So proud of you for pursuing this journey and for letting your friends and family know that you need help. I am sure all of this has been and may continue to be challenging. Feel free to reach out at any time. I’ll be praying for you! Michelle