Help with our surrogacy journey!

Brooklyn , New York (US)
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Help with our surrogacy journey!

by Olga Tribuzio

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Brooklyn , New York (US)

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My name is Olga, and I have an auto immune called Antiphospholipid syndrome (APS), sometimes known as Hughes syndrome, is a disorder of the immune system that causes an increased risk of blood clots. It is a disorder in which the immune system mistakenly attacks normal proteins in the blood. Antiphospholipid syndrome can cause blood clots to form within the arteries, veins, and organs. It can also cause miscarriage and stillbirth in pregnant women. I am currently on blood thinners for the rest of my life.
As many of you know a few years back I had a dvt in my jugular vein and shortly after that, I had a stroke due to my APS.
Our infertility journey has not been an easy one, physically, emotionally and now financially. We are not giving up!. After surgeries and going through rounds of IVF to create embryos, The doctors strongly feel that it is not safe for me to carry.
As we process the grief of all this information we have no choice but to turn to gestational surrogacy in order for us to bring baby Tribuzio home!
We are asking for our family and friends to find it in their hearts to donate whatever they can for our surrogacy journey and to please share our story with others so we can reach our goal in being able to afford surrogacy. Much love!

Olga and Frankie

Name Donation Date
Alexandra Ovrutskaya $54.00 September 24, 2023
Jason Suarez $200.00 September 13, 2023
Anna Guzman $100.00 August 21, 2023
Anthony Hosri $200.00 August 20, 2023
Charlene Pacelli $25.00 August 16, 2023
Iris Zaritsky $100.00 August 16, 2023
Gretta Yagudayeva $100.00 August 15, 2023
Luba Berlina $500.00 August 14, 2023
Lev Berlin $1,000.00 August 13, 2023
Ina Hoxha $25.00 August 13, 2023
Adelina Veliu $100.00 August 13, 2023
Samantha Birch $20.00 August 13, 2023
Irina Yagudayeva $100.00 August 12, 2023
Viktoriya Urman $25.00 August 11, 2023
Tetyana Sirman $100.00 August 11, 2023
Yelena Shteyman $200.00 August 11, 2023
Svetlana BORUKHOVICH $200.00 August 11, 2023
Anonymous $500.00 August 11, 2023
Bela Ioffe $100.00 August 11, 2023
Nataly Yusim $100.00 August 11, 2023
Julia Linetskiy $100.00 August 11, 2023
Anonymous $100.00 August 11, 2023
Anna Guzman commented with a $100 donation about 6 months ago
Wishing you and Frankie all the blessings in the world❤️ You both will make such great parents!!! I pray you reach your goal and your dream comes true! God bless🙏🏽
Iris Zaritsky commented with a $100 donation about 6 months ago
Lots of luck and best wishes in this new journey!! We love you Olga!
Luba Berlina commented with a $500 donation about 7 months ago
Olga!!! Good luck and wishing you the best!!! Luba and Misha
Samantha Birch commented with a $20 donation about 7 months ago
Here for you in any way!
Yelena Shteyman commented with a $200 donation about 7 months ago
So much luck, you guys will make amazing parents. Sending you both a lot of love. ❤️
Svetlana BORUKHOVICH commented with a $200 donation about 7 months ago
Good luck Olga and Frank
Bela Ioffe commented with a $100 donation about 7 months ago
Wishing you the best of luck in this journey 🙏🏻