Helping Hands: Support My Journey to Become a Mom

Taylor , TX (US)
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Helping Hands: Support My Journey to Become a Mom

by Lilian Gomez

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Taylor , TX (US)

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Campaign Story

We are Lilian and José Gabriel, a married couple, and we want to share our story and the profound emotional journey we have experienced in our desire to become parents. We have always wanted to have babies, but despite numerous attempts, it has not been possible.
We have consulted various specialists, starting with gynecologists, then moving on to oncology, and after an unfavorable diagnosis, ending with a specialist in advanced robotic pelvic surgery for women. The result was the discovery of two immensely large tumors that developed within a few months of each other, very close to one another. This led to two major surgeries where the tumors were removed, along with pelvic, rectal, and intestinal cleaning, and the removal of a damaged organ. The recovery has been slow, painful, and complicated, culminating in the diagnosis of deep endometriosis type 4.
Endometriosis is a silent disease that affects approximately 190 million women and girls of reproductive age worldwide. According to figures from the World Endometriosis Association, 176 million women globally suffer from this disease. Endometriosis, or “Endo,” is caused by tissues growing outside the uterus, producing intense pelvic pain, infertility, depression, joint and nerve pain, affecting the entire pelvic area, intestines, esophagus, heart, lungs, and brain in the most complex cases. Although it is classified as benign, the mortality rate has recently increased by 50%, and its classification as malignant is being evaluated, comparing it to cancer.
My husband and I have tried to become parents without success. We believe that through fertility procedures like IVF, we can achieve this. We are optimistic, fighters, full of hope and resilience. All of this has profoundly marked our lives.
Therefore, we ask you, our friends, for help on this journey by donating to our cause and this fundraising effort. We need support to undergo the IVF process, and your contribution would be invaluable, giving us the opportunity to fulfill our dream of becoming parents. Even with $1, you would make a difference and be present in the realization of our dream of love.
We wholeheartedly appreciate any help you can provide. Thank you for reading.

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