Herman Family Future

San Antonio, TX (US)
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Fertility Treatments

Herman Family Future

by Kayla Herman

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San Antonio, TX (US)

Kayla Herman is organizing this fundraiser.

Campaign Story

My name is Kayla (33F), and I dream of being a mom. My husband, Nate (36M), and I have been married for almost 9 years and have been trying to start our family for just as long. I have PCOS, and unfortunately lost 1 of my ovaries to a large cyst back in 2012.

A year after getting married and not being able to get pregnant on our own, we went through fertility testing and evaluation and we were basically told we had little to no chance of concieving even with ivf.
Since then, Nate has lost over 120 lbs., is off all diabetic medications and overall improved his health. I have also lost about 50lbs., and no longer have a pre-diabetic A1c.

Since making all these positive changes to our health we decided to be reevaluated for fertility. We recently got all of our labs and scans completed and the fertility clinic we went to believe that we are perfect candidates for ivf!
Since I only have 1 ovary and I do not ovulate regularly, we do need medical intervention to be able to start our family.
I am an elementary teacher and Nate is in school to also be an elementary teacher. We love kids and hope to be able to start building a family of our own.

Part of the amount we are requesting is to cover the cost of PGTa, which is genetic testing on any embryos we are able to create. While this is not a requirement with ivf, we are hoping to have a little piece of mind. Since I am over 30, the quality of my eggs is not optimal. While still likely to be healthy, our chances or abnormalities is increased. The PGTa will give us the best chance at having healthy babies.

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Donna Whitehurst $500.00 April 07, 2024
Danielle Shapiro $200.00 March 17, 2024
Aaron Karr $100.00 March 17, 2024
Ryan Lee $20.00 March 16, 2024
Carolyn Burge $100.00 March 16, 2024
Randy Saucier $100.00 March 15, 2024
Ryan Lee commented with a $20 donation about 2 months ago
God bless yall and praying for y’all’s success in becoming parents.
Carolyn Burge commented with a $100 donation about 2 months ago
We’re praying for you to have a beautiful healthy baby in the near future .