Himala Baby

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Himala Baby

by Breanna Britton Nevel

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San Leandro, Ca (US)

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Hey everyone! My name is Breanna. I’m 28 years old and i suffer from infertility. In 2 years exactly, I experienced 2 separated ectopic pregnancies and one of them resulted in me losing one of my Fallopian tubes. The first one broke me to my core, because it was my first surgery EVER and the healing process on top of the grief from pregnancy loss made me bitter. I lost my faith, I felt like I never wanted to try again, and I was insecure for a short period of time… but then I started reading about other women and their experiences with ectopic and still being able to conceive so I told myself everything was ok. Exactly 2 years later, I took a test and it was positive yet again. Obviously, I was super nervous and skeptical at the same time because i already knew how high the risk of me having another ectopic pregnancy was and i tried my best to stay positive. After weeks of blood tests and ultrasounds, and me telling them I knew I was having another ectopic, they confirmed it was and I found myself in a dark place all over again. This time, I didn’t have to get surgery, but it felt as if the pregnancy would never be resolved. I had two rounds of injections, and after a while of being so depressed i stopped going to my check up appointments because they made me feel like it was never going to be over. Every appointment, every blood draw, every ultrasound was a reminder that I’ll never get to have what I want so bad. So i stopped going and at that point i didn’t care if I bled out internally, i just accepted it. I lost my faith all over again. I isolated myself from everyone because all i kept hearing was “it’s just not the right time” and “everything happens for a reason” or “maybe you’re just not supposed to have kids”. I was bitter all over again. I felt like nobody understood me. I was insecure. Suicidal. I hated life more than anything but I couldn’t bring myself to do it. I still had a little hope inside my heart. Despite all the people in my ear telling me it wasn’t my destiny to have kids, i still believe I can go after my dreams the same way everyone else does. I could never accept this as my fate, and this is not how my story ends. I come from having hardly any family, of course I have relatives but I don’t have a lot of people i consider my family. My goal is to create my own. They say when you don’t come from a good family, make sure a good family comes from you and I’m ready to start creating my own family and building strong bonds that i never got to experience. The generational curses will not follow me. It ends here.