My “MOM, Momma, Mummy, Mum, …Bruh” Someday Journey

Saluda, NC (US)
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My “MOM, Momma, Mummy, Mum, …Bruh” Someday Journey

by Jennifer Barker

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Saluda, NC (US)

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Campaign Story

Hi there! My name is Jennifer. I’m raising funds to assist my road to motherhood through sperm donor and IVF.

I never imagined I would be partnerless in my late 30’s and seeking help from a fertility clinic to conceive my lovebug.

When I was young, I just knew that I would have kids. Then, in my early 20s, I was diagnosed with PCOS and found out that conceiving could be a challenge.

By my early 30s, my partner and I starting trying to conceive. During which time, conception happened twice with both being early losses. The first loss happened during my birthday week. I tried to enjoy my time with my friends but I was miscarrying at the same time. It was all the emotions you imagine it to be. The second loss happened on a vacation weekend to see Marc Anthony in Atlanta. When the cramps started, I knew. They would be 7 and 5 now. A year after the second loss, my partner and I split and went our own ways.

Fast forward to 2 years ago when I went in for a routine obgyn appointment. My doctor reviews my history and asks where I was in my journey. After telling her that I was no longer on the journey, she respectfully tells me the story of her fertility journey that did not start until her 40s. After leaving my appointment and mulling over the new information, I could see my desire to be a mother renewed. I was scared and nervous to try again. I didn’t want to experience another heartbreak. But with a step of faith I messaged my obgyn and told her that I was ready, and within the month I had a referral to a fertility clinic.

January of last year I had my first appointment with PREG. After initial blood work and genetic testing showed the I have the MTHFR gene, I had to add a supplement to lower my homocysteine levels (high levels can cause miscarriages). Then came the monitoring of menstrual cycles, baseline ultrasound, and scan of my fallopian tubes and ovaries. Where therein, the doctor found that he could not see my right ovary due to a large fibroid. Just like that – a halt to progress: “you need surgery to get that out before we can put a baby in there.” Fast forward to October of last year, the fibroid removal surgery was a success. Two months of healing leading to my followup appointment in December. At which point I was cleared to resume my fertility journey starting the end of January this year.

So here I am. I just had my initial reentry visit, baseline tests and scans to get this train rolling again. After reviewing all the facts from this past year up to now, my doctor wants to go the IVF route and if successful, a planned c-section will follow due to having had uterus surgery. He has provided me a list of sperm banks to choose a donor from. I have took the deep dive into these banks and have came out with the realization that sperm donor vials ($1475) and storage ($200) are costly and not covered by insurance. Also recently, I found out that my pre-pay copay for IVF will be $9717. It seems I have hit the financial roadblock in my fertility journey. However, just like the other roadblocks that I have already broken through, I am determined that I can make it through this one too.

I have never done anything like this and am frankly out of my comfort zone. I believe that with will, determination, and my faith in God, my lovebug and I will endure and conquer. If anyone feels compelled to donate to my cause, your donation would be welcomed as a critical stepping stone in the path that I humbly and graciously walk. With God’s will, it is my hope that I will meet my child one day. Thank you for your consideration and the time taken in reading my story!

  • 02-24-2024

    Financial responsibility

    Received my financial responsibility letter this week. After my insurance, my part is $9717 that I am required to prepay before moving forward with my plan. Therefore, at this point I am at a standstill. I will continue to look into my insurance options and/or other resources for fertility options. I will post the letter with charges. Sign.