Im Tanya Hayes-Caption Bully Hayes last pirot left

Winnipeg, MB (CA)
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Im Tanya Hayes-Caption Bully Hayes last pirot left

by Tanya Hayes

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Winnipeg, MB (CA)

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I’m the girl with the grey sweater over a 100 years ago my dad’s family were pirots my last name is Hayes I’m the first 6% of the last Hayes left in shamattawa Manitoba where my mom is from she is a Indian teacher of 19 years and still counting miss Mary Barabara Anderson a great leader and proudly serving the community teaching her educational deploma she completed almost 2 decade’s ago I need more kids to keep our history rememberd for educational and help stay connected with president Hayes being one of the first presidents choices and remembering caption bully Hayes a pirot that interests me till this day and the were abouts of his treasure buried in a whale I think I may know where that treasure maybe because it wasn’t long ago I found myself knowing about this my dad’s past and always asked myself why am I here I know info that maybe true that I might be hear because I’m from that point in time I found a big gigantic caucus hunting on land not far from where his ship was last seen nobody knows where all those cannon balls are from and where they even came from where I’m from theirs alot of artifacts at this place not far from where I live anyone like riddles? I never got one now I think I do,,,land before time we never spoke English till asking for something that never got given X is knowing ✓ is for knowing the correct mark in English. (( 100 years been dead on land but lives in water found dead last seen living in water )) why would I find a bolouga whale on dry land?? Because over a hundred years ago it was ocean I am north american you think?