Our Infertility Campaign

Thompsonville, Illinois, IL (US)
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Our Infertility Campaign

by Hannah Essary

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Thompsonville, Illinois, IL (US)

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Campaign Story


We’re Hannah & Kody Essary.

First, I’d like to Thank You for considering reading our story.

I’m 27 years old, and I suffer from infertility due to PCOS.

PCOS is a hormonal condition that effects 7-10% of women during the childbearing ages. This disease causes hormonal imbalance which causes unexplained weight gain, unwanted hair growth, acne/ oily skin, irregular cycles, not ovulating, and of course infertility.

At the young age of 14, I experienced bad menstrual cycles which was painful, missed, and cyst on my ovaries. I was placed on hormonal birth control to help with the cycle symptoms I was experiencing.

As the years passed, my symptoms only got worse.


I met my husband Kody in 2014, and we have been together ever since…

We experienced two miscarriages early on in our relationship, we went through doctors telling us everything I experienced was normal, even with all the PCOS symptoms.

After many different doctors, I was finally diagnosed in 2017 with PCOS. I was placed on metformin for several years to try to help balance some of the hormone levels which did work.

Since, we have experienced our most recent losses in 2020 & 2021, which unfortunately wasn’t just a miscarriage. I suffered from my first ectopic in 2020, that thankfully was caught in the early stages & treated with an injection.

In 2021, we experienced our second ectopic pregnancy in the opposite tube, & this time I wasn’t as lucky. This ectopic pregnancy led to my right fallopian tube rupturing, causing internal bleeding.

Unfortunately, the only chance of me living, was emergency surgery that required the tube to be removed.


Since our last ectopic, I have undergone procedures to confirm my remaining tube is open, & the HSG showed it indeed was open and not blocked.

The last year I have been on Clomid monthly, to induce ovulation to try for more of a natural conception theory.

We’ve hit the step in life that we are 100% ready to expand our family, and I’m more than ready to give my husband a child. My health insurance unfortunately doesn’t offer ANY infertility coverage so everything we do will be out of pocket and self-pay.


We’re saving the best we can, but I’m sure most know living in today’s world is HARD, let alone trying to save $20,000.


I’m not one who posts on my personal life, or life problems so I’m way out of my comfort zone here.

We will continue to save, even if it takes 5 more years to accomplish our goal but the smallest thing can help us possibly hit that goal sooner, such as $1 or JUST a share of our campaign….

I just want to Thank You again for taking the time to read our story, & Thank You for any contribution you might make for us


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