Momma by choice

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Fertility Treatments

Momma by choice

by Jenna Scanlon

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Woonsocket , Ri (US)

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Hello my name is Jenna I’m  31y old & I have Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) an endocrine disorder. I suffer from very irregular or absent periods. I was diagnosed with Pcos in 2019 at my annual visit. I have decided to seek out a reproductive endocrinologist to help me start my journey. After some testing my Md confirmed my Pcos diagnosis. The is no cure for Pcos. Not everyone suffers the same with Pcos. In my case I do not ovulate. So I require a little extra help. I have chosen to be a mother by choice. Many may have their opinions about this choice, Heres mine… I believe as long as I love my Child correctly, whole-heartedly -Why not! I am adopted and am loved by many blood or not. At this time in my life I hope that those close to me understand & a can support my decision. I ALWAYS wanted to be a mom. I have so much love to give- natural giver at heart.

This Mother’s Day my niece Emily age 14y gave me a big shout-out for being her auntie Jenna who’s a mother figure in her life- I instantly busted out in tears of joy. I wasn’t expecting that, but I needed that. I would be honored to share this same love and effort with a bundle of joy of my own. I’m ready graduate from auntie to MOM. I have such a great support team behind me.

This is a chapter in my life I want to enjoy and not fear. I believe there are many woman who struggle with infertility like myself who want to feel supported. I’m asking for kindness and support in this journey. In order for me to continue this journey I required at least 2 vials of donor sperm. Price can range from $1000-$2000 plus shipping and storage is another fee.

I am NEVER the one to ask, but I come for your help in this journey ahead by donating to journey to motherhood. I’m seeking assistance with the financial burdens of infertility treatments I, as well as my family would be forever grateful if you could help. Even $5 would mean the world and give my family a fighting chance for my future family.  I could keep going but I will run out of space and your time. Thank you so much for reading this far. I’m forever grateful all the kind caring souls in the world.

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Lyannett Rivera $25.00 September 24, 2023
Lyannett Rivera commented with a $25 donation about 9 months ago
You will be an amazing mother one day! Youll always be supported by those for love you the most and were beyond proud of you.