“IVF” been a bonus mom 12 years, but what about me

Dallas, TX (US)
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“IVF” been a bonus mom 12 years, but what about me

by Bre Allen

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Dallas, TX (US)

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I appreciate anyone who takes the time to read this and consider my situation. Anything will help me on my journey to birthing a child of my own. When I was 15 something traumatic happened and I was rushed to the Dr and I’m pretty sure that’s where it all began.

I have been a step mother for over 10 years, I would not change a thing. I love children and have a passion for growth and development. I used to help my grandmother take care of all of my smaller cousins who lived with her. I’ve witnessed each of them become pregnant and give birth to beautiful children. I believe everything happens for a reason and in due time my turn will come.

A few years ago I had both fallopian tubes removed due to blockage. This is the only thing keeping me from conceiving naturally. I need IVF. Taking care of step children all these years, and receiving so many compliments has shown me how great of a mother I already am. The opportunity to give birth to my own child would complete me.

Even if I do not have a partner to support me I will do this alone. I have weighed my options and put it off for 5 years. Today is my birthday and I have decided to do what’s best for me. I have taken care of others for so long, I must put myself first. I have dreaded this moment of even typing this because no one even knows what I am going through, but here I am. I am ready. IVF got to put my pride to the side. Thank you for your hearts.