IVF for Baby Prins!

Webster City, IA (US)
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IVF for Baby Prins!

by Emily Hesley

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Webster City, IA (US)

Emily Hesley is organizing this fundraiser on behalf of Natalie Prins.

Campaign Story

My younger sister Natalie always dreamed that she would have children. Growing up we would talk about raising our kids together and having the same traditions we had when we were growing up. She would talk about finding the love of her life, getting married and have a half of dozen little brown eyed, dark haired babies running around. Naturally, as she got older, she got more realistic about her goals. She entered the medical field in her earlier twenties, with a solid career with great benefits. She became a first time homeowner but something was missing, a family! Natalie had a few serious relationships through that time period but no one who was husband or father material.
She always seemed to struggle with irregular menses, and as she got older it became concerning. She would have heavy bleeding, severe cramping, and long cycles. In her late twenties she went to her PCP, and had both abdominal and transvaginal ultrasounds, but nothing found that was too concerning.
Her periods became worse, with heavy bleeding months at a time. She finally seeked a gynecological specialist in 2019, who diagnosed her with PCOS. They put her on Metformin and Medroxyprogesterone to restore ovulation as her periods became absent.
She met Skyler, the love of her life, later that year. She knew she was going to marry that man so protection was never used, especially knowing chances of conceiving were going to be hard.
She moved to Minnesota from Iowa, March of 2021. There she seeked out a new PCP, discussed PCOS and concerns, and was referred to infertility specialist in Sioux Falls, SD in November 2022. After ultrasounds showed “small cysts”, she had a D&C procedure to remove them. When they went in, no cysts were present, instead thick scar tissue was found and removed.
Next step was to start with timed intercourse, 3 months with Letrozole and trigger shots which ended with no success. She then ended up doing 4 IUI procedures, with the help of Letrozole, progesterone, and trigger shots, all unsuccessful as well. They were finally sat down and told by the doctor that IVF with ICSI is their best option moving forward.
Natalie is a devoted wife, a loving sister, a sweet daughter and best friend to many. I cannot think of anyone that deserves to be a mom more than her. I want to make her dream a reality! That is why I am fundraising on her behalf and all funds will go to her IVF journey. Please consider donating to help my sweet sister become a mama! Much love, Emily!