IVF Medication/Procedure

Indianapolis, IN (US)
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Fertility Meds

IVF Medication/Procedure

by Kayla Coleman

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Indianapolis, IN (US)

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My name is Kayla Coleman, I am a30 year old mother and wife. My husband and I have been together since 2008 and married since 2016. We have always wants to have a house full of children, at least 4 of them. I grew up with 3 siblings in my mother’s house and 4 in my father’s house with me being the oldest of the all. My husband also has 2 brothers and 2 sisters of his own. Now our daughter who is 7 years old is constantly asking about a sibling of her own. Which we so desperately want to give her. We never imagined after having our daughter in 2014 that she would be an only child. After giving birth it was suggested that I get the Nexplanon chip put into my arm. After having it removed in 2017 I got pregnant twice that year, once in June and once in October. Both pregnancies resulted in my having two life saving surgeries due to both being ectopic pregnancies. Because of this I had to have both of my Fallopian tubes removed and am unable to get pregnant on my own (natural way). The only way for our family to grow as we’ve always hoped it would is through IVF. IVF is not commonly covered by health insurance and the price is quite high. I have finally found a job that offers IVF coverage through insurance but they still do not cover the medications needed for this process and our balance left over from insurance. Our process have begun and the next step is medication. We are asking for some assistance to help our dreams come true. Any amount helps and every donation is greatly appreciated. Gratitude in advance!

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Tiana Newson $20.00 August 25, 2023
Joi Jordan $50.00 August 19, 2023
Tiana Newson commented with a $20 donation about 8 months ago
You’ll get this baby Stiinka!!
Joi Jordan commented with a $50 donation about 8 months ago
I love you sissy, brother, Laya.. I cnt wait to meet and see the future new addition to the family.