IVF to start our family, love, live, faith, Pray

Ocala, FL (US)
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IVF to start our family, love, live, faith, Pray

by Minnie Williams

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Ocala, FL (US)

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I am Minnie, and my husband’s name is Jah. We are reaching out for assistance with IVF in order to start a family. I have previously endured a domestic violence relationship for several years, during which I was repeatedly beaten while pregnant. It was a harrowing experience, and I came close to losing my life. However, with the support of a domestic violence shelter and family law, I was able to escape. Unfortunately, I still suffer from the physical and emotional aftermath of the abuse, including daily rape and internal damage that has left scars on my ovaries from being kicked and punched. Eventually, I had to relocate due to the ongoing domestic violence.

I underwent surgery to repair the damage inflicted on my mouth, as my teeth were knocked out by my abuser. Additionally, I have been receiving counseling for PTSD and nightmares of him attacking me while pregnant, accompanied by his cruel words about never having children with another man. Despite the challenges, I consider myself fortunate to have survived that battle and moved to another state. The court has granted a permanent order of protection against him, but I have felt defeated for years as I have been unable to conceive even after 11 years.

Now, I am happily married to an incredible man who understands and supports me through everything. We both desire to have a child together, a symbol of our love and resilience. I am grateful to have found someone who loves me unconditionally after all I have been through. I have overcome depression and emerged stronger. However, I yearn for the day when I can look at my husband without tears, knowing that our love has created a new life. It is my way of proving to the man who abused and violated me that he did not succeed in destroying my future.

Every day, I am filled with love for my husband, and I eagerly anticipate the joy of seeing our love personified in a child. It would mean the world to us if you could find it in your hearts to help us. Even a small donation of one dollar would be immensely appreciated. We simply wish to have one opportunity, one round of IVF, so that we can say we tried. As we enter the new year, we hope for blessings and extend our gratitude to those who can support us in this journey.

Thank you and may you have a blessed year ahead.