Ivf treatment

Cincinnati , Ohio (US)
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Ivf treatment

by Elizabeth Overton

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Cincinnati , Ohio (US)

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Hello my name is liz,my husband and I have been trying for years to have a baby with no luck and it seems at this point ivf might be the only chance we have to bring home our miracle. Here is a little back story on me.I had my tubes tied in 2014 following the birth of my son. I requested the surgery in secret due to my extremely abusive ex. He was completely against me using any form of birth control and at the time I thought that was one of my only outs as he would use pregnancy as another way to control me. Anywho after devising a plan and going into domestic violence shelter I was finally able to get me and my children safe and start our new lives. A few years past and I met the man of my dreams. He treated me and my kids better then I ever knew was possible and we got married. We decided we wanted to grow our family so we looked into our options and after talking with many doctors and doing a ton of test it seemed that tubal reversal surgery was our best option. We saved for months and had our surgery in 2021 but unfortunately it wasn’t successful.I had been left with short tubal length and therfore my pregnancy always ended before 5 weeks. In the past 2 years I’ve had confirmed 9 early miscarriages and it has been just gut wrenching. We want this baby so badly and every month it just gets harder and harder. Please if you have it in your heart to consider donating to our campaign it would mean the absolute world to us. Thank you so much for taking the time to hear our story.

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