James and Megan’s IVF Journey

Joplin, MO (US)
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James and Megan’s IVF Journey

by Megan Pace

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Joplin, MO (US)

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We are James and Megan Pace, recently married (September 2021), but have been together for almost 7 years. Two years ago, we started to actively TTC but quickly decided to talk with my doctor due to my age. I knew that I was already struggling with PCOS symptoms but wasn’t sure if that could be a cause of the inability to conceive.

After failed attempts using Clomid several times, we were referred to a clinic in Kansas City. We had our initial visit and pre-screening and it was recommended that traditional IVF was our only option to potentially conceive. Unfortunately that came with a hefty price tag and several doctors visits, so we decided to hold off and prioritize our wedding planning and home building.

Now fast forward to 2022. As we’ve started this journey, I’ve been involved in a local support group that women have all faced some kind of infertility. It has been nice to connect with others who were feeling the same emotions that I have been. After hearing a few positive stories regarding a clinic in Texas, we decided to inquire and see if C.A.R.E. Fertility in Bedford, Texas had any options for us. We had our initial visit with Dr. Kevin Doody through zoom and have completed our pre-screening exams. Just a week ago, I had my post op consultation as I had to have an H-Scope to remove an uterine polyp. The results were good and the polyp that was removed was benign.

We are now ready to go, which now becomes a waiting game. In the life of IVF treatment everything is about timing and unfortunately having PCOS means that the timing isn’t so predictable. We have chosen to attempt the Effortless IVF treatment as this is a streamline process that should result in fewer visits to Texas compared to traditional IVF. The cost of the treament is also substantly better when compared to traditional IVF and CARE Fertility is one of the few clinics that offers this kind of treatment.

Even though I work for an amazing company that offers amazing benefits, unfortunately, IVF treatment is not a covered benefit. We are left to pay for the treatment and the medications out of pocket. We hope that our friends and family will support us with a donation to help offset the out of pocket costs.

We are excited and nervous at the same time. We hope to begin building our family and are hopeful that we have the right support to help get us to that point. Thank you for reading this and thank you for supporting us during this journey through infertility.

  • 06-22-2022

    Treatments to begin

    Thank you to everyone who has donated, we are truly blessed by the love and support for us and our journey. This Friday I have an appointment for a baseline sonogram that will confirm that we can begin the medications. Medications should be arriving today so hopefully everything is falling in place. We will then return back to Dallas on July 4th for another sonogram which will help us determine when we come back for egg retrieval day. This will be a very fast moving process. The only part that I'm not necessarily looking forward to, is the injections and that I will have to take them while I'm traveling. I hope to take good notes and prepare myself for that process. We will continue to keep you updated as progress moves forward.

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Hayley Strickling $100.00 June 11, 2022
Jenny Tyler commented with a $50 donation about 2 weeks ago
You guys got this. You will be excellent parents and we look forward to being on the journey with you. We love you
Hayley Strickling commented with a $100 donation about 2 weeks ago
I love and support you girl!! You are an Amazing person!! ❤️❤️