Jesse & Haley’s IVF Journey

Knoxville , TN (US)
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Fertility Treatments

Jesse & Haley’s IVF Journey

by Haley Collins

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Knoxville , TN (US)

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Hey everyone!

Thank you for taking the time to open this and read about our journey. For the last 4 years, Jesse and I have struggled with infertility. During this time, we have both gone through a multitude of tests and procedures to determine the issue. For the first 2 years we were in Georgia, our doctors stated it was Jesse with the issue, so he took medication and underwent testing after testing, only for nothing to come of it. We moved back to Tennessee due to work from home opportunities, and 6 months after the move, I found out I was pregnant. I was having some slight discomfort, so I went to the ER to get verification that everything was ok. As it turned out, I had an Ectopic Pregnancy; due to this unfortunate complication, I ended up needing emergency surgery and lost my right fallopian tube. After I recovered, we sought out a fertility doctor to get answers. We found a highly rated doctor and started working with him. We had to endure more testing and procedures, and eventually we found out I have PCOS and do not ovulate properly. I was put on a plethora of oral medications and shots, and I also underwent 8 rounds of IUI’s (Intrauterine Insemination) within the course of a year. After no success, we sought a second opinion and found a doctor we love who is very detailed and determined to get us our baby. He broke down our chances of IUI’s working (which were slim to none) and gave us his professional opinion to move forward towards IVF (In Vitro Fertilization).

For those who are familiar with infertility, you understand the devastation you get after every time that test only shows one line instead of two. The financial challenge is also a huge burden due to insurance seeing having a baby as a choice and not a necessity, so everything is out of pocket. We have been saving and have had some major blessings thrown our way, so we already have enough for half of the overall cost. But we are still in need of the rest. To be fully transparent, we are looking to raise about $10,000, which would cover the cost of Ultrasounds, Bloodwork, Egg Retrieval, IVF procedure, Lab Fees, and medications (which cost $5,000 on their own).

We struggled with even putting our story out there and asking for help due to our pride and not wanting to add our burdens onto others, but we have such a great support system that has helped us realize people would love to be a part of our journey. So with humble hearts, we are asking for your help because we cannot do this without you.

Thank You,
Jesse and Haley Collins