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Journey To Baby Gallegos

by Allyson Gallegos

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Sioux Falls, SD (US)

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Campaign Story

Hi! My name is Allyson and my husband is Alfredo. I have a 12 year old daughter named Lilly and we have 3 dogs, Thunder, Sugar, and Stormi. We also have been fostering pitbulls since 2021.

We met in December of 2012. Started dating February 2013. Started “trying” April 1st, 2013. I know what you are thinking…we moved pretty fast. Well I am glad we did because here we are 10 years later. It all started with an “I’m pregnant” April fools joke. It totally backfired when he got excited and said he couldn’t wait to tell his mom. Later that night, I asked “how would you really feel if I was pregnant?” He told me he would be the happiest guy on Earth. From then on we decided we would love to have a baby.

After about a year of nothing happening, I became concerned. We did some at home tests, where we learned Alfredo’s count was low. We went to our primary to get a semen analysis done just to find out how low it was. Turns out it was super low, so we were refered to a urology specialist. They put him on some medications and surprisingly his count increased tremendously but unfortunately I did not end up pregnant. We did a lot of natural things first to see if that would help but of course nothing did. Finally in 2017, we decided to meet with the fertility specialist. We both had all the tests done. We learned I have PCOS, based on how many follicles I have on my ovaries, and Alfredo’s count, motility, and morphology was low. They prescribed him clomid to see if that would help increase things but it actually made things worse. They never seemed interested to find out why his sperm is the way it is. They moved us on to Intrauterine Insemination (IUI). We have 3 failed IUI’s. After our last one (July 2019), we were told we have 1% chance of conceiving naturally and we needed IVF with ICSI. I was absolutley devastated. Stress kicks in on needing to do that and how would we afford it…all just to have a baby of our own.

We decided start saving up and working hard to afford it all while being hopeful for a miracle. November 4th 2019, our miracle came. The specialist always said to take a pregnancy test when my period came just incase. Now I didn’t do this every month but something told me to do it. I was in shock when it was positive but I was also super nervous because I was bleeding like I had my period. I quickly went and got blood drawn. My levels were terribly low and I was told I was most likely having a chemical pregnancy or early miscarriage but to come back in a couple of days to double check my levels. I had blood draws every other day for awhile and thye were only slowly rising. They finally did an ultrasound and couldn’t find anything. November 21st, I had 2 injections put in my lower back that was supposed to dissolve my baby. My levels were checked again a few days later and thankfully they decreased a little. I had to go back in a couple of days to recheck to make sure they were still decreasing. Unfortunately, they increased and the called me in for an ultrasound. They finally found my baby in my right tube. I needed emergency surgery to remove my baby and we hoped to save my tube, but by the time they got inside, my tube was starting to rupture. I lost my baby and my right tube November 27, 2019. We lost a baby we waited almost 7 years for. That baby was our 1%. That baby gave us hope that it could happen again for us.

Here we are almost 4 years later and we still don’t have a little one to join our family. Our hopes to have one naturally are pretty much out the window. Our hopes are to move on to a different specialist to help us with our journey and finally have a baby in our arms.

  • 07-28-2023


    On July 18th, I had a diagnostic laparoscopy done. The past few months, I have had extreme abdominal pain that just seemed to get worse each month with my period especially. From my research, I figured I had endometriosis. When they got in there, everything was looking good until the dr notices this small little cyst like spots on the front of my uterus. She said it looked liked endometriosis so she took a few of them off, sent them to pathology, and cauterized the rest. I had my post op appointment about a week after surgery to go over my results in detail. Good news is what they found is non cancerous. I was diagnosed with endosalpingiosis, a rare condition characterized by the presence of tubal epithelium outside of the fallopian tube. Symptoms and treatments are similar to endometriosis. Studies have also shown that cancer is found stemming from the tubes, so endosalpingiosis puts me at a higher potential risk. My dr has suggested that when we are not trying for a baby, I should be on birth control to help manage my symptoms. But since she knows our dream is to have a baby, she suggests getting the ball rolling. She also suggests once we know we are completely done having children that I have my tube/uterus removed.

    With this diagnosis, if we want our baby we need to do it as soon as we can. We have an initial consult scheduled August 8th at Methodist Womens hospital in Omaha, NE. We are getting the ball rolling and hoping for that positive test by the end of 2023!

  • 08-08-2023

    Initial Consult @ Methodist Women\\\'s Hospital

    Well we woke up around 6am and was on the road to Omaha by 7am. We got checked in and filled out all the paperwork and paid $420 just for this appointment. We previously learned we are out of network so all of this will be covered by us (and help from you, our wonderful friends and family). We then were brought back, did the normal blood pressure, height and weight stuff, then brought to an office to wait. Candice Carter, APRN, came in and talked to us for about an hour, going over all of our health issues and our story. She did also do an ultrasound to see what everything looked like that way (to be billed later). This appointment was of course overwhelming to me. I cried as we walked out. There is nothing like feeling less than a woman and maybe men feel this too, but knowing you cant conceive the normal way. And then there is the financial stress and knowing if we dont do this, we may never get our baby/babies.

    So the next steps are, we will need to head back when a period starts and I will recieve a Sono Hysterosalpingogram($1,050). That will show if my uterus and tube are open. Alfredo will need to do an analysis to check out those swimmers ($315-$525). And I will need to do some lab work of course (which is $707 there but I am going to be looking at cost at Sanford(in network).

    So before they decide what is the best option for us, IUI or IVF, we will need to have those tests done before moving forward.

  • 08-29-2023

    Tests and Results

    On Monday, Aug. 21st, I had some cycle day 3 lab work done and everything came back normal and looking good! On Thursday, Aug. 24th, we headed back down to Omaha for a couple of more tests. I had a sono hysterosalpingogram done. That showed them that my uterus was clear of fibroids and that my only tube is open! Alfredo was able to do his test as well. We had to wait a few days for his results but they called Monday, Aug. 28th with good news! His counts and everything else were normal! BUT since we have been together so long and not getting pregnant, we still need help. They are not sure if maybe I am not ovulating or if it is a tubal issue. Our doctor suggested having me do injections to help me ovulate and then do IUI, type of artificial insemination where they place they sperm in the uterus, which could cost us $2,400-$3,500 (not including the medications). She explained that doing IUI could result with multiples and there is possilbe risk of another ectopic. She gave us the option to do a round or 2 of IUIs before doing IVF or we could go straight to IVF. We have been doing a lot of thinking about what we want to do. We have had 3 failed IUIs but that was with oral meds not injections and that was also when Alfredos count was low, so maybe with his higher count and injections, we could be successful. But we are also scared of another ectopic happening. We are thinking everything through so hopefully we make the right choice.

    Thank you all who have read, donated to, and shared our story. Alfredo and I appreciate you all so much!

  • 09-21-2023

    not so much update

    This is a not so much update but I wanted to add one incase anyone checks this page for one! We are in the processing of trying to save up money for meds and treatment. We have spent $1,995 so far. I know the page says we have raised $655 but that was used for our appointments (thank you to those who have donated to make those appointments happen!) My medications are $1,000 and our treatment will be $840. So we are just working on that goal to hopefully be able to do a treatment soon! Thank you to those who have asked me about our journey and for those sending positive thoughts, prayers, and vibes!

  • 10-19-2023

    Failed IUI

    September 21st, Aunt flo started and we got the OKAY to proceed with IUI with injections. Alfredo drove all the way to Omaha and back on the 23rd so I would be able to start my $1,000 meds on the 24th. I did an injection every day for a week and a half, 10 days in the belly and 1 day in my lower back. I also had 4 ultrasounds done at a local clinic and blood work done 3 times as well. October 5th, we went to the clinic early in the morning, got inseminated, waited, then made our drive back home to wait 2 long weeks to see if it worked. October 19th, 2 weeks since IUI, negative pregnancy test after negative. We were so hopeful this was going to be it. My body responded to great to medications. I had 3 promising size follicles growing on my left ovary. Unfortunately, it just wasnt good enough and it is still not our time. This round cost us about $1,893, not including the ultrasounds and lab work I had done.

    So what is next: They want to try another round of IUI with injections. They increased my dose and added anothe medication, increasing the medication cost to around $2,000. Between medications and procedure, we will need about $3,000. So I will not have many updates for a while as we will being putting this on hold again, trying to save and raise money for our next round. As always, we appreciate your love and support through out our fertility journey.

  • 11-02-2023

    another not so much update

    A week after finding out our IUI failed, I finally was able to process some thoughts. I called the clinic and asked some questions. Of course one was is there a known reason why this round didnt work? and of course the answer is unfortunately there is no known reason. I also asked about the new meds because honestly when they explained it before, I was still in depression mode and nothing process right in my brain. So they increased the injection dose in hopes I would have more follicles ready to release then just 3, the new medication would help slow down ovulation so that eggs are not releasing when they are not mature enough. And as stated in the previous update, meds would be $2,000. With cost of meds and procedure being around $3,000, I wonder if it would be even worth it to try or are we better off going straight to IVF. Alfredos count also decreased the day of IUI which didnt help. If we did another IUI, he would need better numbers but it is so hard to know. If we went straight to IVF, they would inject a single sperm into an egg. IVF would cost us about $11,000 for the retrieval(take eggs out), $5,250 for the transfer (put fertilized embryos into uterus) and medications range from $3000-$9000. So about $20,000. Our chances with IUI are about 25% and IVF is about 40-45%. Both are a lot of money and stinks to know our chances are low. We have a big decision to make but until then we will continue to save money!

    We appreciate you all for checking in on our journey!

  • 01-09-2024

    2024 update

    Well it is 2024 and it will be 11 years in April. 11 long years trying for a baby, naturally and with help from specialists. Knowing we need IVF is sometimes really stressfull and nerve wracking, The financial burden is so extremely stressful. And I know what some people say "you are young and still have time" and trust me I want to believe it. I recently started having similar symptoms prior to my surgery in July so I messaged my obgyn asking about the return of endosalpingiosis. I was then told that it can return at anytime and birth control can help with symptoms. Obviosuly with trying for a baby, birth control is not ideal. The thought of my pain returning makes me feel even more rushed to try and get pregnant. No, pregnancy is not going to take my pain away or heal my endosalpingiosis but the return of it will continue to make it harder for us to concieve, plus the pain is horrible and I would prefer not to live like this forever. I will eventually need my tube and uterus out but we have dreamed of having a baby for so long and are not ready to give up yet.

    But we were just informed prices of course have increased at our clinic by 3%. Small increase but big enough to make us stressed out more then we were before. We had to get a loan for our previous IUI so we are hopefully can get closer to paying that off just to most likely get another for IVF.

    Hopefully 2024 will be the year we get that positive test. Please contintue to share our fundraiser and our story. Love and appreciate you all!

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