Little Waters Wanted

Simpsonville, SC (US)
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Fertility Treatments

Little Waters Wanted

by Brittany Schaefer

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Simpsonville, SC (US)

Brittany Schaefer is organizing this fundraiser.

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My name is Brad and my wife and I are wanting a family. After being together for a whole decade, we decided we wanted to start our family. We had the whole thing planned out. Three kids. We were excited and ready. After trying seriously for months, my wife made a cute scavenger hunt that led to a literal bun in the oven. We were over the moon. She prepared for the baby. We decided that we wouldn’t wait until the baby was here to have supplies, so we began buying diapers and wipes to stock up on when they were on sale. I even signed her up for the Mommy monthly subscriptions boxes to surprise her each month of the journey. Imagine getting a call one morning that your wife who is a teacher, was teaching away and felt a drop feeling down there and had spotting. She left her classroom and we rush to the doctor. We loss that baby that day. She then had to endure the next few days the agony of her body releasing everything else. I had to cancel the subscription box and there in our garage sits boxes of baby supplies hopefully to be used soon. Fast forward today, now over a year from continuing to try. We decide to try a Fertility doctor to see if there was something that could be keeping us from starting a family. Turns out there is and this is where we are, asking for your help. We never expected we would be paying thousands of dollars to have a baby of our own and another sad fact is it may still not happen if the treatment is unsuccessful. Imagine spending thousands and you don’t know if it will produce. This fundraiser will help take a little stress from an already daunting situation. And we thank you for considering helping us. 😊 As you can see in our photo, there is a perfect place right in front for baby Waters to sit with his doggie siblings. ❀️

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Anonymous $8.00 September 23, 2023
Tim Vest $25.00 August 13, 2023
Angela Beckett $50.00 August 13, 2023
jennifer Fruhling $100.00 August 10, 2023
Susan Munro $20.00 August 09, 2023
Tara Walker $25.00 August 09, 2023
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