Making Baby Wickes Thru Surrogacy

Gulf Breeze, FL (US)
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Making Baby Wickes Thru Surrogacy

by Shayna Arnold

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Gulf Breeze, FL (US)

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Campaign Story

After taking some time to heal, we are finally ready to start up the next journey towards #makingbabywickes

We are excited to continue our Surrogacy Journey. We will be raising money to help fund a Surrogate, in our case a Gestational Carrier. Someone that will be carrying our Embryo as we have 6 frozen. (An Embryo that is ours biologically.)

Unfortunately we have spent a LOT of our money on IVF, insurance does not cover this in our state. We know this is another process that is going to be pricy and will need more than this amount, but we will also be doing fundraisers as well. All funds raised will cover: Legal Fees, Surrogate Compensation, Embryo Transfer, Surrogate insurance and needs, Travel, etc. If this does not work with a surrogate, we will use the money towards adoption.

What we have sacrificed, the pain, heartache and tears it took to try to create a child is beyond what most people could imagine, unless you have been in our shoes. We have decided to share our story because infertility should be talked about more often as it is more common than most would think. It’s an unfair journey that no one should ever have to go thru! This is not a male factor, it is due to low egg count and several female surgeries.

We started our IVF journey in September 2020, our IVF procedures were held in Colorado at a fertility clinic and that is where our frozen embryos are, but this fertility clinic just opened a building in Sarasota, FL so we will be moving the embryos there soon.

The last 3 Years of IVF:
1 Pregnancy Loss
1 D&C Surgery
1 Ablation Surgery
100s of Shots & Pills
3 Egg Retrieval Surgeries
4 Embryo Transfers
6 Embryos Transferred
Tubal Removal Surgery
1 Biopsy
12 plane rides
Major weight gain
Countless Tears
Many Prayers
& a LOT of money!

The end result was unfortunately a Hysterectomy after we lost our baby. I can no longer carry a child and pray we raise enough money for someone else to do so.

You can’t put a price on having your dream come true! We did everything it took to create a precious baby and as emotional as it is, we plan to keep trying if that’s God’s path for us.

If you don’t want to donate here, we do have a bank account for our Surrogate Journey.

Thank you for reading our journey and we appreciate any support! If you or someone you know is willing to be our Gestational Carrier, please reach out.