Maryssa to Motherhood- A triumphant journey

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Maryssa to Motherhood- A triumphant journey

by Maryssa McKenzie

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My name is Maryssa. At 14 y.o I was diagnosed with premature ovarian insufficiency. This means my FSH levels are so high, preventing my body from producing eggs. Through the years, I’ve emotionally dealt with the unseen tragedy of this diagnosis. Now being 35 years old, I am rewriting my own story. I am choosing to become a single mother by choice. This decision has been made across years of researching other alternatives, exploring more holistic options such as acupuncture and herbal supplements. Unfortunately, waiting for the right partner has not fared me well up until this point of my journey. And that’s okay, I still hope to find love one day but right now my focus is on becoming a mother.

My journey requires me to utilize both an egg donor and a sperm donor. Thankfully, my contribution to this process will be carrying and birthing my future child. It’s very hard to accept that I will not be genetically related to my child, but at the end of the day motherhood is not always, nor in my case, defined by this factor.

Expenses include egg and sperm donor in addition to an embryo transfer. This will be facilitated through IVF treatment and other medical expenses. Creating a beautiful home and family with my future child is a dream. Any contribution is much appreciated. Thank you for taking the time to learn about my story and be a part of my journey.

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