Mendoza’s Fertility Journey

Hoquiam , WA (US)
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Mendoza’s Fertility Journey


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Hoquiam , WA (US)

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My name is Amy and my husband’s name is Jerry Mendoza. My husband and I have been struggling with fertility for almost 5 years. We tried naturally for 2 years before going to my OBGYN and explaining what was going on. She put us on Clinic (fertility meds) in hopes that it would help. We tried this for months to no avail. She then referred us to a fertility clinic and asked that we test further.

We spent thousands of dollars on numerous tests to find out that we would have to go through IVF as I had blocked tubes.

We started our first round of IVF in 2019. We were so excited to start our family! We didn’t care how much money we had to spend to do so or the stress of it. We just wanted to add to our family. We retrieved a total of 4 eggs! It wasn’t what we wanted but we were excited! We did a fresh 5-day transfer and transferred two embryos. We waited the longest two weeks of our life to hear what our beta results were. I received the call around 9pm. Not pregnant. We were beside ourselves! We couldn’t believe it didn’t work. We had to start saving again to get the meds for our frozen transfer as we put the other two embryos on ice. We finally saved a few thousand dollars and were able to transfer our other two frozen embabies!

Again, we waited the two weeks, went in for blood work… And got the dreaded call again… Not pregnant. We didn’t know what to do. Words could never explain to anyone the hurt that we endured. We eventually came to the conclusion that we would figure it out and try just one more time.

We started researching… A friend of mine told me she went to CNY fertility in Colorado and got pregnant! I was so excited for her. I asked a ton of questions. We then decided we were going to travel for our last round. We did the same thing, prepared ourselves for our last round.

We primed this time around. I injected myself with omnitrope for 60 days every night in hopes that it would make my eggs healthier.

We left to Colorado in January 2022 for our last round of IVF! I was so optimistic! This has to work! It’s a whole new protocol! They put me on a protocol that was for autoimmune disorders.. maybe that’s what it was, right? We got to Colorado, I went in before we retrieved our eggs and did acupuncture. We found out they got 10 eggs. We were excited! Hoping they all made it so we could freeze embryos, just in case the fresh transfer didn’t work.

We decided this time we would try a fresh 3-day! We got a call on day 2 informing us that only two embryos made it. We were absolutely devastated.. but then we talked and said,” you know what, this one’s going to work! It only takes one!” We got to the clinic to do the transfer. We were so excited! The embryologist walks in and tells us that he is so sorry but only one embryo made it. I cried in the office while waiting for our last embryo to be transferred. We transferred it!

We headed home two days later and did the dreaded two week wait. We went in for my blood test and anxiously waited. We got the call that we were waiting for. Not pregnant.

I cried myself to sleep for two days. We are financially and emotionally drained. We spoke about this being our last time because we just can’t afford it anymore. So here we are.. desperate for another chance.. please help us grow our family. We plan to go to Seattle if at all possible.. but it is so expensive. We are looking at $38,500. And that doesn’t include medication (which is thousands of dollars), anesthesia or other testing that may need to be done.

Thanks for everyone’s consideration in this matter.