M&M Baby

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M&M Baby

by Mariana Garcia

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Ontario, CA (US)

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Campaign Story

We are a same-sex couple, the M&M couple, Mayra and Mariana. Our story begins 10 thousand km away from here, in SP – Brazil. And 12 years ago, when we met and fell in love. We are Brazilian and currently live in California.
After six years together we started planning how we would have our children, as it is our biggest dream in life, and Mari’s is to have our child. Mari is a baker and I am a professional Jiu Jitsu athlete, our financial life has always been very regulated and we knew that we would need a long period of time to be able to carry out IVF treatment as homemade artificial insemination is illegal in Brazil.
Two and a half years ago we got married and I moved to the USA. To train, compete and represent my team. With
So Mari moved to her parents’ house and we managed to sell our car to pay for IVF treatment. We spent a
Year separated by more than 10 thousand km, and then Mari came for a walk, visited me and had my blessing, energy and love to undergo the treatment in Brazil. And then she came back, and on her own she started preparing for the entire IVF process.
She started taking medication and hormones for egg production and thank God it was a success, 16 eggs were selected, and we need to wait another month to transfer the embryos, according to the doctors. We decided to transfer 2 embryos. And in the first week we had a positive result for 1 of them!! It was an endless joy, a lot of emotion and happiness!!
I followed everything, all the consultations, exams, collection and transfer, everything via FaceTime. It was very difficult and painful not to be there but at the same time, very gratifying to see that everything was happening as we dreamed. And I spoiled her as much as I could, I always sent her messages, food, flowers, chocolates, gifts… I did everything I could to make up for my absence.
After a few weeks we discovered that both embryos had been successful and we would be mothers of twins!! I, Mayra, by the way, am a twin!!! Joy took over and we were very fulfilled.
But as not everything was rose, Mari didn’t have the doctors’ permission to leave, and the weeks went by. Mari was bleeding a lot and then we discovered a placental abruption. But, according to the doctors, it would be resolved as the babies grew, but that did not happen. And Mari was forced to rest completely!! The weeks passed and the hope of having them here never died!! There were many trips to the hospital for bleeding and more bleeding. I no longer lived in peace here, alone! Until when we completed 16 weeks, Mari had a miscarriage.We lost our two babies and I almost lost her, the love of my life.
It was the hardest moment of my life!!!
I had to deal with all of that from afar, without even being able to hold hands with her.
Two weeks later, Mari, still very weak, was finally have the doctors’ permission to leave.
While seeing her again was happiness, the pain was much, much greater. We are both devastated inside and having to be strong to help each other move forward. After Mari was here for a week, she started to feel severe abdominal pain and we had to go to the hospital, the doctors thought that the doctors had left fetal remains when carrying out the curettage in Brazil. She underwent several tests and we discovered a generalized infection, and she spent another five days in hospital here in serious condition. We got over this and returned home, continuing the treatment at home until it was proven that she was fine.
We went on with life and a year passed, so we had the opportunity to do an artificial insemination here, once again with a lot of sweat and hope that everything would work out, we put all the money we had saved in a year away from it, we did the artificial insemination , but unfortunately we were unsuccessful. Today we know that we need IVF to make our dream come true, but paying for this treatment here in the USA is financially impossible for us. We have no deadline or hope of one day achieving it, and that’s why we’re here telling our story and begging to be chosen.

Thank You!