Our Surrogacy Journey

Spring Hill, TN (US)
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Our Surrogacy Journey

by Heather Moore

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Spring Hill, TN (US)

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***Update we have found a gestational carrier and in the process of getting everything done for transfer! Thank you for the donations, we have been so blessed.

We are looking for a gestational carrier to help us bring a beautiful new life into our family. We understand it is such a huge sacrifice to become a surrogate. We know it takes someone special to do this and for that we are so grateful. Our story has been filled with blessings but unfortunately a lot of heartache. We have been married for 13 and half years and blessed with two boys. One is ours together and the other from a previous relationship. I went into cardiac arrest in 2017 during a minor outpatient surgery that caused me to go into heart failure. I ended up getting my heart function backed to normal  but ended up needing a partial hysterectomy in 2019 due to adenomyosis and cervical cancerous changes that had returned after treatment. We were happy with with our two boys and knew the chance of having any more children had passed. The son we had together tragically and unexpectedly passed away in October of 2020. He was only 12 and we lost so much our ourselves when we lost him. Our oldest is now 16 years old. Our family will never be the same again. We do believe having another child together can bring some joy back into our life after the loss of our son. We are also looking into the process of fostering to adopt and it is something we have always wanted to do. We have so much love to give. We have a huge support system involving family and friends to help us along this journey. I am a RN and currently finishing my Masters degree to become a nurse practitioner. Landon works as a general manager at a restaurant.
We have two PGT tested embryos ready for transfer. We used a clinic in Colorado to save money. Any donations or if you could share our story we would be so grateful. Thank you for taking the time to read our story.

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Amy Pratt $100.00 January 27, 2023
Kyle Haas $50.00 January 27, 2023
Taylor Wills $25.00 January 27, 2023
Karie Adair $100.00 January 26, 2023
Anonymous $200.00 January 26, 2023
Taylor Wills commented with a $25 donation about 1 year ago
Love Taylor Wills and Austin Johns :)