Peña Family to Be…

Flagstaff, AZ (US)
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Fertility Treatments

Peña Family to Be…

by Elizabeth Peña

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Flagstaff, AZ (US)

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Campaign Story

Hi, my name is Elizabeth Peña me and my husband have been together for eight years we’ve been married for one year we have tried to get pregnant since we met each other with no positive outcome. I am the second oldest of six. I come from a very fertile family as in every single one family members have kids and a lot of them. It seems like everybody has a family with kids and I’ve always been Aunt to watch everybody’s kids. I’m a very happy person I like to help people. And I help everybody that comes my way or in need of help. i’ve never been in a position to need help myself. I’m usually the helper. I don’t know what else to do. 💋My husband 💋 has a son who is 22 years old. I would like to make a family of our own. I gone to multiple doctors appointments over and over and the doctors kind of tell me that everything‘s fine. But I’ve never been pregnant. I’ve never had a miscarriage or anything of that sort. I’m 32 years old. I’ve always done everything right. 💋My husband 💋‘s mother would always tell me that she wanted more grandkids. She passed away a few years ago, and I was unable to help give her that. My parents always tell me that they want a little Lizzie. my mom just got diagnosed with cancer, leukemia. She is my best friend. I need to have a baby and give her another grandchild while I still have time with her. I need her to be there and show me the ropes of being a mother. I can’t do it alone. Both my family and 💋My husband 💋‘s family are very supportive and everyone just keeps asking. When are you gonna have a baby? It’s getting real hard to come up with excuses why we haven’t conceived yet. Because if I knew the answer, maybe I would tell people but right now I have no answers. I have no help And I am lost. If I had the means to afford fertility treatments, Maybe I would have some answers at least. It’s hard getting older, and everyone has kids except me. I would like a purpose maybe give my life some meaning. Bringing our love into this world.