Please help give the most wonderful man a baby

bentley, AB (CA)
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Please help give the most wonderful man a baby

by Gail Cornell

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bentley, AB (CA)

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Hello. My name is Gail Cornell., I’m 40 years old. And though was not born with fertility issues. Was a victim of forced/coercion sterilization at the age of 19 years old here in alberta.

I grew up in the alberta child welfare system and did not have a pleasant upbringing. I had a baby at 19. Since I aged put of care at 18 as a permanent ward.. child welfare felt that they should intervine. Theough it was unnessacary

On my very first bimonthy obgyn prenatal appontmen i came from my doctors office to find my former case worker and another worker waiting for me i the reception room. They asked if i had time to talk and took me out for a coffee( tea for me at the time) i was aprox 32 weeks into my pregnancy and was delivering via a planned csection.

My worker explained that his associate was from child intervention. They felt that because of my difficult choldhood. I woudl have issues raising my child on my own. But scince i was living with my father at he time and in school and working, they were willing to allow me to attempt to raise my child. As long as I agreed to make sure I would only ever have the one child.

I was asked to sign a “voluntary ” agreement that I was promising to have a total tubal ligation during my delivery to ensure I would not have any more children, and if I refused… it would be seen as my inability to put my child’s need if being my only child, second to my .in their opinion selfish want of the possibility of one day having another baby.

I had seen many of the girls I went through care with lose their children at birth for no other reason than , they had dysfunctional upbringing and was terrified for my baby . So of course I signed the document immediately. And was sterilized one week before my 20th birthday permanently.
I have looked into tubal reconstruction….but the surgeon who preformd my delivery and tubal left nothing to be reconstructed .

I am now 40 ..I have a 21 year old son who o feel blessed to call mine, and have recovered from my trauma , largely in part to the most wonderful man I’ve ever met. And he wants more than anything to be a father.

He knows at present that may never b a possibility for us. As ivf is very expensive and though we live within our means and could provide for a child….we don’t have a lot in th way of savings in the amounts required and with he way the economy is going and the fact tha I’ll be 41 in March…we may run out of time before we manged to save enough.

I know it’s a long shot. Especially given that I have had successful pregnancy and raised a child. And that technically was voluntary sterilized. That you may find that I don’t deserve or qualify for help in this matter….but this is my only hope to give the man who made my dreams come true , his dream come true