Praying for Baby Cubic! Our IVF journey.

Fairmont, WV (US)
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Fertility Treatments

Praying for Baby Cubic! Our IVF journey.

by Lucas Cubic

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Fairmont, WV (US)

Lucas Cubic is organizing this fundraiser.

Campaign Story

Hello, we are Lucas and Emily Cubic! We started dating in the summer of 2018, we got engaged in February of 2019 and got married December of 2020. We currently are living in West Virginia in our first home with our 4 year old rescue dog, Meeka. Lucas is a United States Air Force Veteran and is currently employed as a Firefighter. Emily is also a firefighter (volunteer) and has worked in the healthcare field and most recently in the criminal justice field.

In 2022 we decided we were ready to start our family and try for our first child. After a few months of trying with no luck we mentioned the issue at a routine check up for Emily. We were advised to try to conceive naturally for one year and if it did not happen we would be set up with an infertility consultation.

That year passed and we were still unable to conceive. Our first appointments were in May of 2023 where we discussed our issues and set a plan. This is where our infertility journey really began.

This plan included:
3 rounds of trying to conceive with assistance from medication … negative results
4 rounds of IUI and medication … negative results

This week we met with our infertility team and have moved our plan to IVF.

Infertility treatment is something that is not covered by our health insurance and all costs have been out of pocket.

To date we have spent in excess of $10,000 on failed treatments. 
Moving on to the next step of IVF is estimated to cost us an additional $20,000.

Our IVF journey is set to being in March or April of 2024.

We have been very private with this situation until now and it was a hard decision for us to post this. We are not wanting to make anyone feel obligated to donate to our journey, but if you feel it in your heart to do so that would be greatly appreciated. This journey has taken a huge toll on us not only mentally but financially. Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers as we move forward.

Thank you for taking the time to read our story!

Lucas & Emily Cubic

  • 02-25-2024

    Thank you!

    Lucas and I are so very thankful to everyone who has reached out over the past 48 hours. The amount of love and support we are receiving is amazing. Also a huge thank you to everyone who decided to help us financially with the journey. Your gift means the world to us.

    -Thank you!
    Emily & Lucas

  • 02-25-2024

    The journey begins.

    A couple days ago we finalized our plan and Emily has started medications. Things are going to be moving quick now. Keep praying for good results the first time around. Thank you all again for the love and support.

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Jess Levo commented with a $20 donation about 3 months ago
May God bless you guys with a child 💙
Jason Beabout commented with a $100 donation about 3 months ago
Hey bro, just wanted to say that I'm really proud of you for going through with IVF. It's a big step, and I'm here for you no matter what. You've got this, and I'm rooting for you all the way! If you need anything or just wanna talk, I'm just a message away. Stay strong! 🤜🤛
Ariel Brambier commented with a $50 donation about 3 months ago
I’m sending you all the good vibes sweet girl.
Chris & Latina Mayle commented with a $100 donation about 3 months ago
Lots of love and prayers for you guys!
Joe and Patty Lewis commented with a $100 donation about 3 months ago
We will be praying for you guys and your families all along your journey. God Bless
Patricia Gusler commented with a $250 donation about 3 months ago
Prayer for Gods will….he has this and both of you in his loving arms.
Brenda Straub commented with a $50 donation about 3 months ago
Hang in there! It will happen in God’s time!
Cathy Fenstermacher commented with a $100 donation about 3 months ago
Thoughts and prayers are with you both!! Love John & Cathy
Robert Stanley commented with a $100 donation about 3 months ago
Wish you a healthy and happy future.
Joey Pordash commented with a $100 donation about 3 months ago
Put me in the pool for the middle name ❤️
Aaron Carr commented with a $100 donation about 3 months ago
Praying for you guys! Let us know if you need anything! Love you both