Raymond Family

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Raymond Family

by Jordan Bargy

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Elk Rapids, MI (US)

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Hello, my fiancé, Mariesa, has a beautiful daughter, and I, Jordan have a daughter that I fostered from the age of 16-19, who is still very much a part of our family, and together we would love to expand our family. We both work in the Health Care field, I am a medical assistant and Mariesa is a direct care worker.

Unfortunately when I was 22 I ended up in the ER on Christmas Day. I was in excruciating pain and was told that there was a cyst that encased and was strangling my ovary and fallopian tube. The doctors told me that they were going to try and save my ovary/fallopian tube however during the surgery they discovered that it was actually worse than they thought. I lost my ovary/tube that day, they also removed endometriosis from my other ovary. 1 week after surgery the doctors cleared me to go back to work, I explained to them that I worked in a nursing home and at the time a detention center. They still cleared me. I returned to work and by the end of the week I had a hernia. I had the doctors check it out they said it was blood build up and that it would go away. Fast forward to Easter 2020 and I had what looked like a bowling ball in my stomach.. only on the side I had my ovary/tube removed. I looked pregnant. Although there’s no way I possibly could have been. Now the doctors believed that I had a hernia. When I had surgery they told me that I was almost septic. They had to put a more permanent mesh in place to hold my insides in due to my abdomen wall not healing very well. Due to this my OBGYN told me that I could never carry a baby. I’ve wanted to be a mom more than anything. I know that blood doesn’t define family, love does, but we are hoping that even after everything I’ve been through that we could still hopefully retrieve some viable eggs from my only ovary and grow a beautiful miracle to add to our family. We are hoping to raise money to help our IVF journey! 💕