Riley and Mariah’s Parenthood Journey

North Salt Lake , Utah (US)
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Riley and Mariah’s Parenthood Journey

by Mariah McEwan

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North Salt Lake , Utah (US)

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Campaign Story

Hello, my name Is Riley McEwan. At the young age of six I was diagnosed with a brain tumor located on the back of my brain stem. I was fortunate to get admitted into the hospital quickly and the cancerous tumor was removed within 48 hours.

After months and months of chemotherapy and radiation I was declared cancer free. At the time it was a joyous occasion and my family and I were so thankful to have it behind us. Little did I know that the chemo and radiation would continue to affect every aspect of my life. By far the most disappointing effect I have recently discovered is that I will not be able to give my beautiful wife a biological child.

I am reaching out to friends, family, strangers and asking for any help they are willing to give. We are hoping to get enough to either seek further treatment such as IVF, or adoption; both are expensive. My wife and I often talked about adopting a child. To us it was always a future plan, something we would do after we’d had our own biological children. The plans we once thought were in our future have quickly changed to that of reality. We are looking for a miracle and are in need of your help.

Cancer has taken so many things from me. My hearing will never be normal. A joke I often say to myself is that, while all my friends are saving for fancy new cars, I am saving for fancy new hearing aids. Balance and coordination will always be hard for me. However, I am forever grateful for the modern technology that has gotten me to where I am today. Despite the many things I cannot do the same as other people, I am hopeful for my future. I have come so far, and nothing will stand in my way. I never dreamed I would find a woman to accept me as I am. I am forever grateful that the love of my life, Mariah, chose me. Mariah and I want nothing more than to raise a family and have children of our own.